Sesame Street
Premiere November 10, 2009 (4187)
Finale February 18, 2010 (4212)
Episodes 26
Sesame Street Season 40 Show Open

Sesame Street Season 40 Show Open

Season 40 opening.


New title card

Season 40 Cast

The Cast of Sesame Street's 40th Season

Season 40 cast

The Cast of Sesame Street - Roscoe Orman, Loretta Long, Alison Bartlett O'Reilly, Big Bird, Sonia Manzano, Elmo, Emilio Delgado, Christopher Lawrence Knowings, Nitya Vidyasagar, Alan Muraoka, Desiree Casado, and Bob McGrath

Gervais Elmo = Hilarity on 'Sesame Street'

Gervais Elmo = Hilarity on 'Sesame Street'


Abby's Flying Fairy School, a new animated segment, debuts this season.


Murray and the kids introduce the various segments in the new block format.


Every episode features a throwback to classic Sesame characters and moments.


Elmo, Adam Sandler and a dragon


Paul Rudd (with Roosevelt Franklin) and Leslie Carrara-Rudolph play between takes during the filming of episode 4212.


Michelle Obama, the first African-American First Lady of the United States, with Elmo and some Singing Food

Sesame Street Season 40 premiered on November 10, 2009. This date is the 40th anniversary of the show, and Sesame Workshop celebrated the occasion with a commemorative book and DVD set, as well as a week-long takeover of the Google logo.


The curriculum for Season 40 focuses on environmentalism and is "designed to nurture young children's appreciation and love for nature."[1][2] The Muppets of Sesame Street encourage children to explore their curiosity in the outdoors with activities that teach simple, age-appropriate ways of showing care and stewardship for the environment.[1] Several episodes focus on environmental issues - such as recycling or habitats.[3] One episode (Episode 4193) focuses on Baby Bear and his family learning how to hibernate.[4] Another episode (#4187, originally planned as #4210) features Big Bird learning about migration.[5]

A new computer-generated segment, Abby's Flying Fairy School, was added this season. Murray Has a Little Lamb and Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures return from last season and alternated with each episode. What's the Word on the Street? and The Word of the Day also return with 26 new words. Elmo's World returned for its eleventh season with only one new segment about Frogs.


Parodies included "Mad Men" (based on Mad Men), "Waiting for Big" (Sex and the City), "Outdoors" (based on "I'm Yours"), "Super K Cereal" (based on Special K), and "D-Dance" (based on Apple's iPod commercial).

Show Format

The season introduces a new format based on typical channel programming blocks, with Murray Monster serving as a host from real-world locations, introducing the main components of the show.[6]

  • What's the Word on the Street? (30 seconds)
  • Sesame Street Theme (50 seconds)
  • Street Story (10 to 12 minutes)
  • Celebrity Vocabulary Word (1 minute)
  • Murray Tune-In (1 minute)
  • Letter film (1:15)
  • Abby's Flying Fairy School (8:30)
  • Murray Tune-In (1 minute)
  • Number film (1:15)
  • Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures or Murray Has a Little Lamb (5 minutes to 6:30)
  • Murray Tune-In (1 minute)
  • Music video or curriculum spot (2:15)
  • Elmo's World (17 minutes)
  • Murray close (30 seconds)
  • End credits (45 seconds)[7]

The change in format and curriculum increased viewership (compared to February 2009 ratings) by 60%.[8]


Episodes 4187 - 4212 (26 episodes)


  • Season 40 introduces a new opening and closing theme sequence.
  • Starting this season, Joey Mazzarino is the new head writer.
  • This was Mike Renzi's last season as music director, and the last to involve Danny Epstein, who had been an original member of the show's music team since 1969.
  • In an interview with Muppet fansite Tough Pigs, writer and performer Joey Mazzarino said, "We're trying to do what we call a hidden gem in every episode. That's for you guys, the fans. Little things like Biff and Sully in a scene, or some other stuff that I won't tell you about that will be hidden in the scene."[9]
  • A parody of Jon & Kate Plus 8 featuring The Count and Anything Muppet spoofs of the family was filmed for this season, but never made it to air (most likely due to the couple's splitting up). A plot outline of the sketch was also removed from the Season 40 Press Kit "Parody Description" section. The segment was released as a bonus feature on the Best of Sesame Street Spoofs! DVD in 2011.
  • Select episodes from this season can be purchased in The iTunes Store.
  • This is the first season to not have any clips featuring any characters performed by Jim Henson.
  • Kermit the Frog makes a surprise cameo on Elmo's World: Frogs.



Abby Cadabby, Anything Muppets, Baby Bear, Barkley, Bert, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Count von Count, Curly Bear, Elmo, Ernie, Fairy Godperson, Grouches, Grover, Grundgetta, Horatio the Elephant, Jack Be Nimble, Mr. Johnson, Little Bo Peep, Mama Bear, Murray Monster, Old MacDonald, Oscar the Grouch, Ovejita, Papa Bear, Rosita, Slimey, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Stinky the Stinkweed, Telly Monster, Wolfgang the Seal, Zoe


Kermit the Frog, Sherlock Hemlock, Bip Bippadotta, Forgetful Jones, Harvey Kneeslapper, Herry Monster, Biff, Sully


Muppets™ Of Sesame Street

Pam Arciero, Jennifer Barnhart, Fran Brill, Tyler Bunch, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, Kevin Clash, Bruce Connelly, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Eric Jacobson, John Kennedy, Tim Lagasse, Peter Linz, Jim Martin, Joey Mazzarino, Paul McGinnis, Jerry Nelson, Carmen Osbahr, Frank Oz, Martin P. Robinson, David Rudman, Matt Vogel, Steve Whitmire, Bryant Young

Guest Stars


Season 40 cast2

Cast and crew.


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