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The sandwich board outside Hooper's advertises "Loaf of bread / Container of milk / Stick of butter", seen throughout the season.

Hidden Gems are special, fan-geared throwbacks to classic Sesame Street moments, including characters and staff seen during the street scenes of the 40th Anniversary season.

In a 2009 interview by the fansite Tough Pigs, head writer Joey Mazzarino promised:

β€œWe're trying to do what we call a gem in every episode. That's for you guys, the fans. Little things like Biff and Sully in a scene, or some other stuff that I won't tell you about that will be hidden in the scene. There's one, the writing on the sandwich board outside of Hooper’s Store reads, "Loaf of bread / Container of milk / Stick of butter". We'll try to get one of those in most of the episodes this season.[1]”

The graphic-based gems were designed by Pete Ortiz, who remarked about the in-jokes:

β€œAlmost every morning for the 40th season I was greeted with "what's the gem?" We had archives being pulled from all over to fit all the show needs as well as preventing them from being to obvious. The best part was making duplicates of the TEENY SUPER GUY and owning a little history.[2]”

Picture Description
Episode 4187
The stickers on Big Bird's suitcase reference the places he's been: Montana, Puerto Rico, China and Hawaii.
Episode 4188
A music cue from "Proud to Be a Cow" is used when Bo Peep's cow first appears.[3]
Episode 4189
Baby Bear's "King Size Crayons" box depicts the Alligator King holding a large crayon.
Episode 4190
Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett's names appear on Leela's basket and watering can.
Episode 4191
Mr. Johnson's menu from Hooper's features an image from the "Ladybugs' Picnic" cartoon, advertising the "Ladybugs' Picnic Special."
Episode 4192
An ad for "Jim Henson's Puppet Workshop" appears in the laundromat window, complete with an image of him.
Episode 4193
Chris's newspaper features an image of Kevin Clash and a headline reading "Clash Unabashed by the Red Smash."
Episode 4194
Caroll Spinney makes a cameo in Hooper's Store, reading "Grouch Out New York" magazine.

Episode 4195
Leela reads a book about Placido Flamingo, written by Richard Hunt.
Cameraman Frank Biondo can also be seen in Hooper's Store reading PAPARAZZI magazine with executive producer Carol-Lynn Parente on the cover.
Episode 4196
Luis pulls the Teeny Little Super Guy from inside the broken washing machine. The music score even samples his theme song.
Episode 4197
Forgetful Jones makes a cameo during Maria and Luis's flashback.
Episode 4198
Gordon's newspaper features a headline that reads "Baker Falls From Grace" and features an image of the baker after a fall down the stairs. His newspaper also features a headline about Sam the Robot.
Episode 4199
During the freckle chase scene, music inspired by the "Dot Bridge" segments from Season 1 is played.
Episode 4199
A box of Nutri-Dots cereal is marked with a "Biondo's" brand logo.
Episode 4200
Jon Stone's face is seen on an advertisement for "Jon's Pencil Emporium."
Episode 4201
Martin P. Robinson makes a cameo, getting his shoes shined.
Episode 4202
At the beginning, Chris and Elmo hum the tune from the "Willie Wimple" cartoons as they arrive at the campsite.

Episode 4203
Bip Bippadotta appears in the Laundromat during the race and utters, "Mah Na Mah Na." Frank Biondo's caricature Frankie is seen selling official Squirmadega tee shirts at the race.

Episode 4204
Biff and Sully are seen in the crowd during Jack's Big Jump. Also in the crowd is Richard Termine, who is seen taking pictures of the event, and writer Belinda Ward.
Episode 4205
As Chris makes some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, he is heard singing "Peanut Butter."

Episode 4206
Sherlock Hemlock makes a cameo in Hooper's Store. Jerry Nelson, as well as Herry Monster and Mr. Johnson (two more Nelson-performed characters) appear as well.

Episode 4207
Elmo's crayon box reads "The Classic Crayon Factory", and has a still from the show's classic Sesame Street film. Maria's newspaper features an image from the I-Beam film.
Episode 4208
Maria's scrapbook contains many, old Sesame Street photos, including Gabi's birth and a visit from James Earl Jones. Additionally, Maria sings "I'm Proud to Be a Cow" while she makes her scrapbook.
Episode 4209
Harvey Kneeslapper makes a cameo at the end of the Street Scene to slap a "7" on the seal's beach ball.
Episode 4210
Gordon is seen reading a book called "Dialogue with Dirt" by Solomon Grundy.
Episode 4211
John and Cheryl Henson are seen playing catch in the arbor with Cheryl's two daughters, Declan and Elizabeth. Telly refers to Cheryl by name in the same scene.
Episode 4212
The store next to the subway displays a "Store for Rent" sign, as well as one for "Northern Realty" (with an image of Calloway on it).

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