Sesame Street
Premiere September 16, 2013 (4401)
Finale March 20, 2014 (4426)
Episodes 27
Sesame Street New Season Trailer!

Sesame Street New Season Trailer!

Season 44 highlights.


A rainbow of Muppets sing "The Sesame Street Alphabet."


"Cookie's Crumby Pictures"


Armando, the new human on the street


Episode 4411, "Count Tribute," pays tribute to the late Jerry Nelson.


"Good Things Come to Those Who Wait"


Audra McDonald and her animal friends


The season 44 cast and crew

Sesame Street's 44th season began airing on September 16, 2013.


The season's main focus and curriculum is self-regulation and executive functioning skills. New stories, tune-ins and other inserts promote such themes as strategizing, memorization, patience and regulating and managing emotions.

The season also features a smaller, secondary curriculum on Hispanic heritage. As a result of the growing Hispanic population in the United States, a new human character was created to reflect the change. At an open audition held in August 2012, Ismael Cruz Córdova earned the coveted role of Armando, a Puerto Rican writer who makes his debut this season. His appearances include a Spanish remake of the song, "I Love My Hair."

The season includes a posthumous performance by Jerry Nelson in the premiere episode, and one episode pays special tribute to him. Matt Vogel performs the Count in newly created material for the season otherwise. The season also features the final material recorded by Kevin Clash before he resigned from the show. Ryan Dillon performs Elmo in scenes recorded following his departure. The season also marks the last performances of Steve Whitmire as Ernie.


The season introduces a new parody segment, "Cookie's Crumby Pictures," placing the fuzzy and blue monster in various film spoofs that teach him to self-regulate. "Elmo the Musical" also returns this season, featuring three new episodes.

As with previous seasons, skits includes parodies of hit shows, this time Homeland (portrayed as "Homelamb") and Sons of Anarchy (as "Sons of Poetry").


The season began production on September 20, 2012, and wrapped on December 14.[1] The second half of Season 43 was also filmed during this production period.[1] Additional inserts were filmed in late April and May.[1] The "What's the Word on the Street?" and other tune-in segments began filming in May 2013.[2] The celebrity Word of the Day segments began filming in a Los Angeles studio in early June 2013.


Beginning with this season, Sesame Street no longer numbers episodes by how many have been produced since Episode 0001, instead using the season number followed by the episode number for that season.

Episodes 4401-4427


  • Beginning this season, the episodes are numbered in a seasonal order rather than the chronological, numerical fashion employed since the show began. For example, Episode 4401 is actually the 4328th episode overall.
  • An alphabet segment featuring Tyra Banks and Abby was filmed for the season and included in the season trailer, but was not included in an episode. It was posted to SesameStreet's YouTube Channel following the season finale. (YouTube)
  • Despite not being credited among the cast starting this season, Desiree Casado appears as Gabi in a repeat episode.
  • There are no new "Abby's Flying Fairy School" segments this season.


Abby Cadabby, Anything Muppets, Baby Bear, Bert, Big Bad Wolf, Big Bird, Butch, Cookie Monster, Count von Count, Curly Bear, Elmo, Ernie, Grover, Guy Smiley, Judy, Lars and Sigrid, Murray Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Ovejita, Papa Bear, Prairie Dawn, Ralphie, Rosita, Rosita's Abuela, Segi, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Stinky the Stinkweed, Telly Monster, The Three Little Pigs, Two-Headed Monster, Zoe


Muppets™ Of Sesame Street

Pam Arciero, Jennifer Barnhart, Rickey Boyd, Fran Brill, Tyler Bunch, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, Kevin Clash, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Ryan Dillon, Eric Jacobson, John Kennedy, Peter Linz, Jim Martin, Joey Mazzarino, Jerry Nelson, Carmen Osbahr, Frank Oz, Martin P. Robinson, David Rudman, John Tartaglia, Matt Vogel, Steve Whitmire, Bryant Young

Guest stars



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