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Sesame Street
Premiere November 3, 2022 (5301)
Finale June 29, 2023 (5335)
Episodes 35

The cast in the revised opening sequence


The cast in Episode 5307.


Mickey Guyton and the Sesame Street community


Jill Biden with the Sheep-ret Service


Ava DuVernay with Elmo and Big Bird.

Sesame Street’s 53rd season premiered on HBO Max on November 3, 2022, and on PBS on September 4, 2023.

According to Sesame Workshop, this season "is devoted to helping children grow up with a healthy self-identity and sense of belonging, in full celebration of our diverse world. With a focus on stories that celebrate our differences and embrace our similarities, children will learn to feel confident and proud of who they are and find joy in connecting with and learning about others."[1] Anti-racism was acknowledged as a theme for the season as far back as March 2021.[2]

The season introduces Ji-Young to the main cast,[3] who'd previously been seen in the 2021 special See Us Coming Together. Executive Producer Kay Wilson Stallings expressed plans to film more content on location and at home.[4]


Production continued to be complicated due to the COVID-19 pandemic; on-set production took place during the week of September 13, 2021.[5]


Celebrity guests who visited the set include Zazie Beetz, Jill Biden, Ava DuVernay, Brett Goldstein, Mickey Guyton, Haim, Samuel L. Jackson, and Amber Ruffin.


Episodes 5301 - 5335 (35 episodes)


  • The opening and closing themes (originally produced for Season 46) have been updated, both receiving revamped music tracks. The final shot of the opening sequence is re-filmed to feature more children and Muppets, namely Gabrielle, Tango, Tamir, and Ji-Young, who also now appear during the credits.


Abby Cadabby, Alfred, Anything Muppets, Baby Bear, Bert, Big Bird, Bulldozer, Cookie Monster, The Count, Elmo, Elmo's grandparents, Ernie, Frankie, Gabrielle, Gladys the Cow, Gonger, Grandma Nell, Granny Bird, Grover, Grundgetta, Herry Monster, Honkers, James, Ji-Young, Julia, Kayla, Lalo, Little Red Riding Hood, Louie, The Martians, Mr. Johnson, Nani Bird, Norbert the Robot, Oscar the Grouch, Prairie Dawn, Rosita, Rosita's Abuela, Rudy, Samuel, The Sheep-ret Service, Slimey, Tamir, Tango, Two-Headed Monster, Wes, Zoe


Sesame Street Muppet™ Performers
Latoryah Alexander, Pam Arciero, Jennifer Barnhart, Andrew A. Cano, Warrick Brownlow-Pike, Tyler Bunch, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, Jimmica Collins, Frankie Cordero, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Ryan Dillon, Bradley Freeman Jr., Aymee Garcia, Stacey Gordon, Chris Thomas Hayes, Eric Jacobson, Haley Jenkins, Kathleen Kim, Peter Linz, Spencer Lott, Lara MacLean, Noel MacNeal, Carmen Osbahr, Megan Piphus Peace, Martin P. Robinson, David Rudman, Matt Vogel
  • Puppet Captain: Matt Vogel
  • Assistant Puppet Captain: Martin P. Robinson



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