Sesame Street
Premiere November 19, 1973 (0536)
Finale May 17, 1974 (0665)
Episodes 130

The season five cast of Sesame Street.


"Doin' the Pigeon"


"Fat Cat"


Lena Horne and Grover sing "How Do You Do?"

SuperGrover Title

Super Grover

Sesame Street Season 5 aired from November 19, 1973 to May 17, 1974.


The curriculum for Season 5 is focusing on affect behavior, which includes lessons on emotions and feelings. Children will be able to recognize feelings and emotions including pride, love, fear, anger, surprise, happiness, and sadness taught through the human hosts, the Muppets, and animated films.[1]

This season introduces new Muppet characters including the Twiddlebug Family[1] and two construction workers, Biff and Sully.[2]


Episodes 0536 - 0665 (130 episodes)


  • This is the last season to feature Hal Miller as Gordon.
  • After this season, Joe Raposo left the show to work on other projects. He would return to his original role as music director in season 15.



Northern Calloway, Loretta Long, Will Lee, Bob McGrath, Emilio Delgado, Sonia Manzano, Hal Miller, Joe Ponazecki, Paul B. Price

Jim Henson's Muppets

Caroll Spinney, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt (Uncredited: Fran Brill, Jane Henson)

Guest Stars

Johnny Cash, The Harlem Globetrotters (including Marquis Haynes and Meadowlark Lemon[2]), Lena Horne



David, Susan, Mr. Hooper, Bob, Luis, Maria, Gordon, Wally and Ralph


The Amazing Mumford, Anything Muppets, Baby Breeze, Bert, Biff, Big Bird, Bip Bippadotta, Cookie Monster, Count von Count, Ernie, Gladys the Cow, Grover, Hardhead Henry Harris, Harvey Kneeslapper, Herry Monster, Kermit the Frog, Lefty the Salesman, Little Chrissy, The Martians, Oscar the Grouch, Prairie Dawn, Roosevelt Franklin, Sam the Robot, Sherlock Hemlock, Simon Soundman, Smart Tina, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Sully, Suzetta Something, Twiddlebugs



Portion of the season's illustrated credit crawl depicting 123 Sesame Street.

Season 5 credit crawl

Season 5 credit crawl

credit crawl


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