Sesam Stasjon
Plot The others return from the berry trip
Air date September 30, 1991
Season 1

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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Bjarne Betjent is excited, because today the others will return from the berry trip. He has the poetry book ready that he got from Blekkulf. He starts to write a song based on the book. Shortly afterwards, the train arrives with Max Mekker, Alfa, O. Tidemann and Leonora. Tidemann tries to send the train off with his whistle, but it's broken again. Bjarne tries to tell them about the book, but they are very busy talking about the things they collected; berries, mushrooms, flowers and other things.

Inside the station they start to unpack. Leonora tells Tidemann that it seems they have to buy him a new whistle. Max and Alfa talk about how Max's "discover machine" did not work as intended; it was supposed to help them find berries but instead it found a bolt, a broken strainer, an arrow, a broken saw, a worn shoe, and an old toy car. Leonora and Tidemann conclude that at least the machine could help with cleaning up in nature. Max then proceeds to sing about how he collects everything he finds.

Muppets Ernie wants to show Bert his ice-cube collection. The ice cubes were so cold that he had to put them in a box covered with an electric blanket. Much to Ernie's surprise, the ice cubes have disappeared. Since they were replaced with water, Ernie suspects that a fish might have stolen them. Bert tells him that it's because they've melted. Ernie, however, is now convinced that a fish melted the ice cubes, and angrily walks out the door to "tear him fin-from-fin."
SCENE 2 Bjarne continues to be left out as Leonora, Tidemann and Alfa only focus on the berries they have collected. However, Alfa starts to notice that there seems to be something wrong with Bjarne.
Cartoon Trash
Littlethings orig
Song "Little Things"
Lowercase n
Cartoon "Lowercase n"
SCENE 3 Alfa goes into the ticket booth, to show him the picture frame she has painted gold. But she finds Bjarne crying, and tries to cheer him up and get him to tell her what's wrong. She convinces him that he should try and say what's wrong, while she holds up the frame in front of him. Bjarne says that first everyone went on a trip, leaving him alone at the station. He then proceeds to tell talk about how Blekkulf came to visit and gave him the book. He then says that he wanted to tell everyone the story, but nobody wanted to listen; they only thought about themselves. Alfa quickly apologizes, but then asks Bjarne who he thought of. Bjarne realizes that he was also selfish, and they start to laugh.
cartoon frog jump
Song "Frog Struggle Song."
Cartoon N is for nose.


SCENE 4 Max has gold-plated the things he has found into a "nature" picture. He also included Tidemann's whistle; after all, it's broken and he is going to get a new one. Alfa gives him the frame. Meanwhile, Bjarne gets everyone's attention, and tells them that he wants to sing "Den blå planet" based on the poetry book he got from Blekkulf. While Bjarne sings, illustrations from the book are shown (illustrations by Vivian Zahl-Olsen).
The others like the song very much and Leonora realizes that she had forgotten to ask him how he's been. Bjarne is a bit nervous and instead asks her how she's been. She replies that she's fine and asks Bjarne again. Bjarne is still a bit nervous, but then softens up and starts to tell her everything that has happened while they where away.

Max shows the others his art piece. Tidemann discovers that his old whistle is included and gets a bit upset. Bjarne then offers Tidemann the whistle he has, as he is not going to use it.

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