Sesame Neighborhood

Sesame Neighborhood is a replica of Sesame Street at the Sesame Place theme park. The neighborhood includes Big Bird's nest, 123 Sesame Street, Oscar's trash can, the courtyard, Hooper's Store, the Fix-It Shop and Mr. Macintosh's Fruit Stand. The street also extends past the Fix-It Shop to "Sesame Street Engine House No. 1", a location not part of the regular show set.

The neighborhood also features Oscar's Garage, a large junkyard-decorated gift shop located across the street from the traditional set.

Although Sesame Neighborhood was one of the original concepts for the park, the area did not open until 1988, eight years after the park opened. The neighborhood is the nation's only fully functioning replica of the street, and the only outdoor re-creation of the set.[1]

In 2019, the area -- renamed Sesame Street Neighborhood -- was revamped to better resemble the redesigned set used since season 46 in 2016.



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