Written by Linda Hayward
Illustrator Rick Brown, Tom Cooke, Nancy W. Stevenson, Maggie Swanson
Published 1981
1989 (reissue)
Publisher Western Publishing
ISBN 0307655504

1989 reissue (ISBN 0307658511)

Sesame Seasons is a 64-page book with stories, recipes and activities that celebrate holidays and seasons throughout the year. The Sesame Street gang enjoy such seasonal diversions as groundhog watching, Easter egg hunts and the Twiddlebug Flower Dance of spring, counting fireworks in July, dressing up as a cookie for Halloween, using Cookie Monster as a Thanksgiving centerpiece, and eating snow mixed with frozen juice (from the kitchen of Betty Lou).

The anthology format and use of multiple illustrators (although all material was written by Linda Hayward) recalls the various Sesame Street Storybooks. Three photos of the cast of the time (including the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade float) are included.

It was reissued in 1989 under the title A Big Year on Sesame Street, with new cover art by Tom Leigh.


  • The Sesame Street Gang (photo of the Season 10 cast)
  • Happy New Year
    • Big Bird's Poem for New Year's Day (art: Tom Cooke)
    • Ernie and Bert on Groundhog Day (Cooke)
    • Groundhog House (Cooke)
    • Make a Shadow Picture (Cooke; activity)
    • Make a Valentine Sweetheart (Maggie Swanson)
    • Funny Valentines (Swanson)
  • Springtime Fun
    • April Fool! (Swanson)
    • Guy Smiley's Do You Believe It? (Swanson; science facts)
    • Grover's April Fool Joke (Swanson)
    • How the Twiddlebugs Celebrate the Coming of Spring (Stevenson)
    • Mumford and the Magic Egg Trick (Stevenson)
    • Egg Dyeing Recipes (Stevenson)
    • Baby Animals (Stevenson)
    • Egg Hunt (Stevenson)
  • Summer Days
    • Summertime (Swanson; poem)
    • Grover's Recipe for Backpacksnack (Swanson)
    • Signs Along the Highway (Swanson)
    • The Fourth of July Birthday Party (Cooke)
    • The Count Counts Fireworks (Cooke)
    • Lemonade Recipes (Cooke)
  • Autumn
    • How to Press and Dry Fall Leaves (Brown)
    • Halloween Costumes (Brown)
    • Jack-O-Lantern Game (Brown)
    • Halloween on Sesame Street (Brown)
    • Witch's Brew (Brown; recipe)
    • Grover's Jack-o-lantern (Stevenson)
    • How the Pilgrims Did Things (Stevenson)
    • Thanksgiving Day Parade (photo)
    • To Granny Bird's House We Go (Stevenson)
    • Setting the Thanksgiving Table (Stevenson)