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Release Date 2003
Produced by Sony Wonder
Format DVD
Discs 1
Region 1

Sesame Sings Karaoke is a 2003 Sesame Street direct-to-video release. The video compiles two Street scenes from Season 34: Episode 4031 (the season premiere) and Episode 4046.

Many of the songs sung during the stories are intercut with other versions of the songs, including "A New Way to Walk", "Let's Go Driving", and "The People in Your Neighborhood". The scenes are linked together with new framing material featuring Elmo and Note, an animated musical note.


DVD chapters

  1. Elmo Sings
  2. Something in the Air
  3. Somebody Come and Play
  4. Sing, Sing A Song
  5. Rosita's Gonna Get to You
  6. Rosita and Elmo Meet at Last!
  7. Elmo & Note Scat!
  8. ABC-DEF-GHI -- Big Bird
  9. Hola Means Hello -- Rosita
  10. New Way to Walk -- Gabi and Miles
  11. It's A Ladybug Picnic! -- Elmo, Gina & Alan
  12. Let's Go Driving -- Baby Bear (with Telly's Help!)
  13. The People in Your Neighborhood -- Bob & Friends
  14. The Alphabet Song -- Sing Along!

Home Video Credits

  • Director: Jim Martin
  • Writer: Christine Ferraro
  • Producers: Laurie Sude, Dionne Nosek
  • Associate Producer: Steve Harper
  • Production Coordinator: Jennifer Smith
  • Animation: Cablevision, Inc.
  • Melody: Kevin Clash
  • Music: Tony Leghner
  • Editor: John Tierney, Creative Bubble
  • Mixer: Bob Schott, Sony Studio

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