Sesame sings karaoke
Release Date 2003
Produced by Sony Wonder
Format DVD
Discs 1
Region 1

Sesame Sings Karaoke is a video release of the main storyline in Sesame Street Episode 4031, the Season 34 premiere.

In the story, Alan hosts a karaoke night at Hooper's Store. Baby Bear wants to sing a song with Telly, but Telly is too nervous to go on. However, when it's Baby Bear's turn, he gets too nervous, and Telly comes to his rescue.

Bob comes onstage to sing "The People in Your Neighborhood", but as he sings, the karaoke machine breaks down. Bob and the cast realize that they can still sing without the karaoke machine, and the Muppets run to get instruments.

DVD chapters

Many of the songs sung during karaoke night are intercut with other versions of the songs, including "A New Way to Walk", "Let's Go Driving", and "The People in Your Neighborhood".

  1. Elmo Sings
  2. Something in the Air
  3. Somebody Come and Play
  4. Sing, Sing A Song (Sand Animation, Stephanie D'Abruzzo)
  5. Rosita's Gonna Get to You
  6. Rosita and Elmo Meet at Last!
  7. Elmo & Note Scat!
  8. ABC-DEF-GHI -- Big Bird
  9. Hola Means Hello -- Rosita (Gloria Estefan clip)
  10. New Way to Walk -- Gabi and Miles (Destiny's Child clip)
  11. It's A Ladybug Picnic! -- Elmo, Gina & Alan
  12. Let's Go Driving -- Baby Bear (With Telly's Help!)
  13. The People in Your Neighborhood -- Bob & Friends (Ben Stiller clip)
  14. The Alphabet Song -- Sing Along!

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