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Kami and Zobi

Sesame Square is the Sesame Street co-production for Nigeria. It is an extension of The Adventures of Kami and Big Bird initiative launched in early 2009.

The United States Agency for International Development has provided a five-year grant to produce seventy-eight 30-minute episodes for the series. The grant also allows for outreach materials and research initiatives.

The series' intention is to bring messages to Nigerian children about staying in school, girls' empowerment and HIV/AIDS.

Each half-hour episode features original content with local talent as Kami and Zobi. The show also features inserts from Sesame Street dubbed into Nigerian English accents.[1] The series also includes elements from Global Grover, Play with Me Sesame, Elmo's World, Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures and Sesame Street English.

Yemisi Ilo is the executive producer, based out of Lagos.


  • Zobi: A taxi-driver who speaks with a Nigerian lilt. He has an obsession with yams.

Techiques for Effective Teaching

The series leads, Zobi and Kami, were featured in a series of videos for educators in Ghana. The videos were released on September 20, 2018.

  • Module 1, Ensuring an Inclusive Learning Environment: Zobi doesn't feel like playing, as he's worried that he won't be able to make friends with the new boy who will be joining the class today. He's shocked to learn that he can be friends with someone different from him. They play "Freeze Dance", a game where everyone must freeze when the teacher stops drumming; Zobi realizes that he can teach that game to the new student. (YouTube)
  • Module 2, Developing a Child-Friendly Classroom: Zobi and Kami wonder if there'll be a party, as the classroom is lively and colourful. The teacher, Ms. Efia (Matilda Asante), explains that the room is meant to be friendly and creative to encourage learning. Zobi shares that he wants to be a teacher. Told that he'll have to plan for the job, he decides his first step is to get a haircut. (YouTube)
  • Module 3, Positive Discipline and Classroom Management: Zobi wants to continue playing catch, but Kami is tired. Ms. Efia explains classroom rules. They decide to play pretend. (YouTube)
  • Module 9, Differentiated Instruction: Kami counts by two, and Zobi insists that she's just "forgetting numbers." Ms. Efia explains that both methods are okay, and that kids have different learning styles. The Muppets also learned the letter B, today at school. The teacher connects the letter to their interests of football and exploring. (YouTube)
  • Module 13, Early Education and Child Development: Zobi tries to teach Kami a complicated clapping game. Ms. Efia shows a simpler, more age-appropriate option. Later, they ask what is she will teach that day; she shows a teaching schedule on the wall. (YouTube)
  • Module 14, Learning Through Play: Zobi and Kami pretend to be "the fastest taxi drivers around." Ms. Efia puts leis on them as seatbelts, and gives them paper plates as steering wheels. Trying to decide what they'll pretend tomorrow, the teacher promises to bring in a large cardboard box for them to use. (YouTube)


Techiques for Effective Teaching used the following cast:


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