Written by Constance Allen
Illustrator Maggie Swanson
Published 1993
Publisher Golden Press
Series A Little Golden Book
ISBN 0307301222

2000 reissue

Sesame Street's Mother Goose Rhymes is a 1993 Sesame Street Little Golden Book featuring Sesame versions of the classic Mother Goose rhymes.

In 2000, the book was reissued with the new title Elmo's Mother Goose, as part of the "Big Bird's Favorites Board Books" series. (ISBN 0375805419)

Rhymes featured include:

Other editions

The book was reissued in 2009 by Bendon Publishing as part of the Storybook Classics series in honor to celebrate Sesame Street's 40th anniversary. The 2009 reissue features a full color poster inside the book. The book was reissued again as a Little Golden Book in 2017, under the title Elmo's Mother Goose Rhymes.

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