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#[[Episode 2485|Maria & Luis' Wedding]]
#[[Episode 2485|Maria & Luis' Wedding]]
#[[Season 20|Maria Tells Big Bird She's Pregnant]]
#[[Season 20 (1988-1989)|Maria Tells Big Bird She's Pregnant]]
#[[Episode 2615|Birth of Maria's Baby]]
#[[Episode 2615|Birth of Maria's Baby]]
#[[Keep Christmas with You (All Through the Year)|Keep Christmas with You]]
#[[Keep Christmas with You (All Through the Year)|Keep Christmas with You]]

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Animated tag used at the beginning and end of each short

Sesame Street: 25 Favorite Moments are a series of Sesame Street interstitials produced in October 1993, commemorating the show's 25th anniversary. Twenty-five shorts were produced, featuring 25 clips from the show and framed by the same sequences.

In each short, Zoe asks Big Bird to play a game with her, where they each recall their favorite moment on Sesame Street. Big Bird's memories are shown in full-segment flashbacks. Afterward, Zoe claims she can't decide; all her memories are her favorites!


  1. Maria & Luis' Wedding
  2. Maria Tells Big Bird She's Pregnant
  3. Birth of Maria's Baby
  4. Keep Christmas with You
  5. African Alphabet
  6. Dance Myself to Sleep
  7. Bein' Green (1970 version)
  8. Monsterpiece Theatre: Gone With the Wind (re-filmed wraparounds)
  9. Put Down the Duckie (second celebrity edit)
  10. The Word is "No"
  11. I Don't Want to Live on the Moon
  12. Women Can Be
  13. The Batty Bat
  14. Letter B
  15. Ernie & Bert - At the Movies - The Hat
  16. Elmo's Jive Five / If I Was a Cloud in the Sky
  17. Jellyman Kelly
  18. That's the Letter O
  19. Opposites Dance
  20. Bo Knows
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