Sesame Street ABC's is a series of Sesame Street board books published by Reader's Digest in 1996 and 1997.

Animated versions of the stories appear as bonus features on Elmo's Alphabet Challenge.

Letter Book Author Illustrator ASIN
A Big Bird's Adventures Susan Hood Tom Brannon B0012IT83Y
B Zoe and the Runaway Ball Diane C. Ohanesian David Prebenna B0006QZK26
C C Is For Cookie Sarah Albee David Prebenna B0006S0ORU
D Diddly Diddly D! Sarah Albee Carol Nicklaus B0006RFD0E
E Easels for Everyone Diane C. Ohanesian Tom Brannon B0006S1KGY
F Elmo's Friends Susan Hood David Prebenna B0013CN5XI
G G Whiz! Sarah Albee Tom Brannon B0006S1KGO
H The Amazing Mumford Presents: H Diane C. Ohanesian Carol Nicklaus B0006S1KI2
I Me, Myself and I Susan Hood David Prebenna B000CBFS3Q
J A Jeans and Jackets Day Susan Hood David Prebenna B000CD1MLQ
K K Is For Kisses! Sarah Albee Carol Nicklaus B0006RLOFW
L The Princess Who Wouldn't Laugh Sarah Albee David Prebenna B000LCDAXG
M Grover's Marvelous Mountain Sarah Albee David Prebenna B004HNS0V2
N No Nap for Natasha Susan Hood Tom Brannon B000RGMA4G
O Oscar's Ode to O Sarah Albee David Prebenna B000CK13CC
P Zoe's Purple Pants Susan Hood Carol Nicklaus B0006S1KHI
Q The Quiz Show Sarah Albee Tom Brannon B000CKY3BK
R Ernie's Riddle Susan Hood Maggie Swanson B001BKXL3Q
S Slimey's Sister Sloppy Tish Rabe David Prebenna B000CQ6420
T Elmo's Ticklish T Sarah Albee David Prebenna B000CREB38
U Under My Umbrella Susan Hood Carol Nicklaus 1097100235
V Ernie and the Vacuum Salesman Sarah Albee David Prebenna B000CSNCQO
W Bert Wonders Why Susan Hood Maggie Swanson B000CSQA8G
X Grover Looks for X Sarah Albee David Prebenna B000DN6LES
Y Yippee for Y! Tish Rabe Tom Brannon B000DIMZRA
Z Zoe's Z Book Susan Hood Carol Nicklaus B000DIN07O
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