In 1997, Tyco produced a set of 24 beanie-style Sesame Street plush, under the name Sesame Street Beans. The set was the Sesame version of the Beanie Babies fad, which was at its height at the time. The "collectible" aspect of the Beanie Baby fad depended on having a large number of items in the set, with some more common than others. To fill out the set to include 24 different character Beans, a number of characters were produced as plush toys for the first time, including Barkley, Benny Rabbit, Guy Smiley, the Amazing Mumford, and Telly Monster. Three different colors of the Honker bean were produced.

The toys varied between 6 and 10 inches in size; most were about 9 inches. Each Bean came with a tag which included facts about the character. Smaller, 6 inch clip-on versions of the dolls were also sold by Tyco under the name Sesame Street Beans.

A TV commercial for the toys featured Elmo, a Honker, and Herry Monster. Elmo sees "You Don't Know Beans" printed onscreen and attempts to remove the "Don't" with a crowbar. He recruits the Honker to pull it off, to no avail. Finally, Herry steps in and effortlessly rips the word away, as the dolls burst through the wall.

Mini beans

Small (approx. 4 inch) versions of the toys were sold in Singapore in 1999 as a McDonald's Happy Meal promotion. In 2000, Kellogg's cereals packaged the mini-beans in cereal boxes. In both mini-beans collections only one Honker was made.

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