In 1980 and 1981, Avalon produced Sesame Street crafts kits using their "Color 'n Recolor" paper -- a slick surface with black and white drawings of the characters, which can be colored in with crayons and then wiped off for another play session.

The Color 'n Recolor Deluxe Playcloth Set is similar to Avalon's 1977 Muppet Color'n Recolor Game Cloth, and includes pop-up characters that can be positioned on the cloth's drawing of Sesame Street.

Color 'n Recolor TV Showtime included two six-foot rolls of Color 'n Recolor paper, which can be colored and then moved across a toy television screen by turning the dial.

The Color 'n Recolor Mugs included strips of Color 'n Recolor paper that can be slipped into plastic sleeves on mugs. The plastic sleeve can be removed when it's time to wash the mugs.