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Sesame Street Day is an honorary holiday recognized by the city of New York during special street-naming ceremonies for two Sesame Street anniversary celebrations.

Los Angeles also held a "Sesame Street Day" ceremony in 2019.


On November 9, 2009, the corner of 64th Street and Broadway in Lincoln Square was temporarily renamed 123 Sesame Street with a dedication ceremony. New York City, by a Mayoral Proclamation from Michael Bloomberg, established November 10, 2009, as "Sesame Street Day," a day to mark the show's 40th Anniversary.

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New York City[]

Another street-naming event was held on May 1, 2019, to celebrate the show's 50th anniversary. By Mayoral Proclamation, Mayor Bill de Blasio named the day "Sesame Street Day" and helped unveil a new, permanent "Sesame Street" sign, hanging at the intersection of West 63rd Street and Broadway.

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Los Angeles[]

On August 2, 2019, as part of the Sesame Street Road Trip, Big Bird and the Count appeared at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, where Mayor Eric Garcetti declared the day to be "Sesame Street Day" in honor of the show's 50th anniversary. Also attending the ceremony were Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill and children from the Dodgers Summer Baseball Camps.

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SesameStreetDay-Sesamestreet celebrated its own "Sesame Street Day" throughout the week of November 10 - 17, 2009. The website featured a celebratory playlist plus a special video greeting on the home page featuring Abby Cadabby along with Bert, Ernie, Rosita, Zoe, Herb, three penguins, Shelley, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, Telly, The Count, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Murray Monster, and Grover.

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