Sesame Street Fair is a Sesame Street Set-Up and Play board game produced by Milton Bradley in 1976.

The board includes cardboard pieces which can be slotted into place to create a three-dimensional scene of the Sesame Street neighborhood. The gameplay involves color matching, and the object of the game is to be the first one home with a cookie.

In the game, Ernie, Bert, Roosevelt Franklin and Betty Lou battle their way through the Sesame Street Fair. They begin by getting a cookie from Grover, which they have to sneak past Cookie Monster in order to gain admittance to the shortcut to the merry go round. If they land on Cookie Monster's square, they must give up their cookie (feeding it through the slot in his mouth), and then take the long way to Hooper's Store to get another one. Once they reach the merry go round with cookie in hand, they have to wait until one of the players spins the color they're standing on to escape. When they're past the merry go round, the coast is clear to get back to home with their cookie.

The art is by Sesame storybook illustrator Tom Cooke.

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