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Written by Richard Carlisle, Margaret Crush, Molly Lodge, Lee Pressman, George Short, Jocelyn Stevenson
Illustrator Sue Branch, Zena Flax, John Gossler, Dennis Ryan, Penny Simon, Mari Szmichowska
Published 1982
Publisher Bay Books Inc.
Series Sesame Street Finding Out Encyclopedia
ISBN 0-85835-523-X

Sesame Street Finding Out Encyclopedia 13: The T Book is a Sesame Street book that focuses on words starting with the letter T.


Note: possibly incomplete

  • Tall and Short: Guy Smiley presents the "Tall and Short Game" / How to be as tall as Big Bird
  • Teeth: Frazzle shows how to take care of your teeth / A poem by Big Bird: If I had teeth like you / Make a moving teeth card with Big Bird
  • Telephone: Comic: Through telephone, the Sesame gang misunderstandingly spreads a rumor that Bert is sick / Mumford's magic trick: how to make your own telephone
  • Television: Story: Barkley appears on television
  • Tiger: Two page spread of a tiger / Help Grover match the animals with their missing tails
  • Tools:: Two page spread: Biff, Sully and their colleagues use tools
  • Tortoises and Turtles: Two page spread of tortoises and turtles with Oscar and Grover; make a turtle out of dough with Bert
  • Tractor: Story: Farmer Grover guesses what birthday present his mommy brings, that begins with the letter T.
  • Train: Two page spread: a train station / Ernie and Bert's train board game
  • Tree: Biff and Sully cut down trees to make different things / Count tree rings with Count von Count / Make a leaf painting with Little Bird
  • Truck: Two page spread: Oscar and Ernie show the different parts of a truck / Make your own garbage truck with Oscar

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