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Written by Richard Carlisle, Margaret Crush, Molly Lodge, Lee Pressman, George Short, Jocelyn Stevenson
Illustrator Sue Branch, Zena Flax, John Gossler, Dennis Ryan, Penny Simon, Mari Szmichowska
Published 1982
Publisher Bay Books Inc.
Series Sesame Street Finding Out Encyclopedia
ISBN 0-85835-524-8

Sesame Street Finding Out Encyclopedia 14: The UV Book is a Sesame Street book that focuses on words starting with the letters U and V.


  • Umbrella: The story of the ugly umbrella / Herry Monster's umbrella story: put the pictures in the right order
  • Under the ground: Two page spread of things under the ground in the city / Two page spread of things under the ground in the country / Watch a plant make its roots with Grover
  • Under the sea: Two page spread of things underwater / Help Sherlock Hemlock find hidden treasure underwater
  • Unicorn: Princess Prairie and a unicorn
  • Uniform: A poem by Big Bird: Uniforms in your neighborhood / Match each person with their uniform
  • Up and Down: Guy Smiley presents the Up and Down Game / Mumford's magic trick: make your own bowling game and toss the milk cartons down
  • Vegetables: Count Farmer Grover's vegetables with Count von Count / Make your own vegetable puppets with Big Bird (they won't last long when Cookie Monster is around...)
  • Vehicles: Two page spread: different vehicles / Bert and Ernie's bus board game / What is wrong with these vehicles?
  • Vet: Story: Ernie takes an injured Bernice to the vet
  • Volcano: Two page spread: Oscar reads about volcanoes

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