Written by Richard Carlisle, Margaret Crush, Molly Lodge, Lee Pressman, George Short, Jocelyn Stevenson
Illustrator Sue Branch, Zena Flax, John Gossler, Dennis Ryan, Penny Simon, Mari Szmichowska
Published 1982
Publisher Bay Books Inc.
Series Sesame Street Finding Out Encyclopedia
ISBN 0-85835-525-6

Sesame Street Finding Out Encyclopedia 15: The WXYZ Book is a Sesame Street book that focuses on words starting with the letters W, X, Y, and Z


Note: incomplete

  • Water: Two page spread: how water is used around the house / Mumford's magic trick: blowing bubbles
  • Weather: Different kinds of weather / Make a weather clock with Big Bird.
  • Whales: Two page spread: Herry Monster and a whale / Herry shows whales and other mammals / Make a whale racing game with Bert and Ernie
  • Wheels: Comic: Grover wants to move his blocks / Count wheels with Count von Count / Make a wind wheel with Ernie
  • Wide and Narrow: Guy Smiley presents the Wide and Narrow Show with Herry Monster
  • X-Ray: Make an X-ray picture of a leaf with Big Bird / Hold the page against the light to see a Muppet boy's skeleton
  • Xylophone: Make your own xylophone with Bert
  • Yak: Story: Sherlock Hemlock and the case of the missing yak / Make a curly yak drawing with Sherlock
  • Year: A poem by Big Bird
  • Yoghurt: Cookie Monster recipe: Yoghurt Dip
  • Zebra: Guess what animal Ernie is drawing / Two page spread: count zebras with The Count
  • Zoo: Two page spread: the Sesame Street friends as zookeepers show how to take care of animals / Bring the right food to the right animals

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