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Written by Richard Carlisle, Margaret Crush, Molly Lodge, Lee Pressman, George Short, Jocelyn Stevenson
Illustrator John Gossler, Mari Szmichowska, Penny Simon, Dennis Ryan, Zena Flax
Published 1982
Publisher Bay Books Inc.
Series Sesame Street Finding Out Encyclopedia
ISBN 0-85835-511-6

Sesame Street Encyclopedia 1: The A Book is a Sesame Street book that focuses on words starting with the letter A.


  • A: Grover reads a story in which he has an accident with his aeroplane. He lands in a forest full of animals.
  • Address: Poem by Big Bird: Big Bird gets lost and tells a policeman where he lives.
  • Aeroplanes: Story: Ernie builds an aeroplane and Bert is the pilot / 2 page spread: The different parts of an aeroplane / Make your own paper aeroplane / Find the matching aeroplanes
  • Air: Mumford's magic trick: two tricks with air
  • Airport: 2 page spread: The airport where Grover tries to land his aeroplane / Bert and Ernie's airport board game
  • Alligator: Story: Herry Monster meets an alligator
  • Alphabet: Grover shows the alphabet / Guy Smiley presents The Alphabet Game with Cookie Monster
  • Animals: Bert reads how animals help people / Farmer Grover's animals are mixed up
  • Ants: 2 page spread: Cookie Monster shows the different rooms inside an ant hill / Cookie Monster's recipe: Ant cookies / Maze: which ant reaches the queen?
  • Aquarium: Find four fish in Bert's aquarium / Make your own aquarium with Ernie / Count fish in Count von Count's aquarium
  • Astronaut: Ernie and Bert are astronauts in space and experience weightlessness.

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