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Written by Richard Carlisle, Margaret Crush, Molly Lodge, Lee Pressman, George Short, Jocelyn Stevenson
Illustrator Sue Branch, Zena Flax, John Gossler, Dennis Ryan, Penny Simon, Mari Szmichowska
Published 1982
Publisher Bay Books Inc.
Series Sesame Street Finding Out Encyclopedia
ISBN 0-85835-513-2

Sesame Street Finding Out Encyclopedia 3: The C Book is a Sesame Street book that focuses on words starting with the letter C.


  • Camels: Story: Snuffy dreams of traveling through the desert with camels / Make your own camel with Big Bird.
  • Cars: Comic: Sherlock Hemlock and the case of the missing car / A poem by Big Bird about crossing the street / 2 page spread: the different parts of a car / Bert and Ernie's race car board game
  • Cats: Ernie and Bert show different kinds of cats / Which cat is playing with Grover's mommy's knitting?
  • Circus: Story: Oscar hates the circus, until he becomes part of a canon ball act / Turn a clown face upside down and it becomes Bert's face.
  • City and Country: Oscar makes a city out of trash and makes it into a maze for Big Bird. Big Bird prefers the country and shows how to make a country village.
  • Clocks: What time is it? Grover goes through his day.
  • Clothes: Roosevelt Franklin mixes up his clothes / How Roosevelt learned to tie his shoes / People with mixed up clothes / Ideas to make your own costume
  • Colour: The Sesame Street gang mixes up different colors / Mumford's magic trick: disappearing colors
  • Counting: Counting the things in The Count's castle / Guy Smiley presents The Counting Game with The Count.
  • Cows: Farmer Grover is milking his cow; which dairy product does not come from cows? / Cookie Monster recipe: Milkshake

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