Written by Susan Hood
Illustrator Tom Brannon
Published 2001
Publisher Reader's Digest
Series Elmo's Neighborhood

Sesame Street Firehouse is a 2001 Sesame Street book in the "Elmo's Neighborhood" series.

Elmo joins his friends Grover, Zoe and Big Bird for a tour of the Sesame Street Firehouse. They see the firemen's protective gear, the pumper truck, and the hook and ladder truck. The Rescue truck reminds Elmo of the little black puppy he has been trying to find so he asks his friends if they have seen it. Big Bird says the puppy was just there and perhaps he went upstairs.

Upstairs the firends see the firefighters' beds and kitchen, but no puppy. They hear a dog barking near the exit, so the firechief shows Elmo how to slide down the pole. Elmo chases the puppy out into the neighborhood.


  • Big Bird claims to be afraid of heights, and claims "Even standing up straight makes me a little dizzy."