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Mystery Guest

Sesame Street has had many game shows over the years, hosted by Guy Smiley, Sonny Friendly, and other characters.

Recurring Game Show Sketches

Picture First Appearance / Host Description
Episode 0131
Guy Smiley
What's My Part?
The object of the game is for the blindfolded contestants to guess what part of the body is the guest on the show, based on clues from the guest. At least two segments were made.
Episode 0406
Guy Smiley
Here is Your Life
Guy surprises somebody (usually an animated version of an inanimate object) by showcasing that person or thing's life, with surprise appearances from people in that guests life. This segment was later retitled "The New Here is Your Life", with Sonny Friendly taking over hosting duties.
Episode 0446
Guy Smiley
Beat the Time
The object of the game is to bring in a number of related items within a given time frame.
Episode 1643
Guy Smiley
Name That Sound!
In this game, a number of sounds are heard, and the contestant must name the items that make those sounds. There was also a "traveling edition" hosted by Sonny Friendly.
Episode 4083
unseen announcer
The Letter of the Day Games
Hosted by an unseen announcer, Cookie Monster must accomplish three tasks that involve The Letter of the Day.

One-Shot Game Show Inserts

Picture First Appearance / Host Description
Can You Guess 01.jpg

Can You Guess 02.jpg
Episode 0026
Big Bob
Big Bob hosts "Can You Guess?", the first-ever Sesame Street game show. Billy Monster must guess which of three (non-monster) panelists is the mother. Billy can't get the right answer because his own mother possesses monster traits.
Episode 0067
Sonny Friendly
Pick Your Pet
A game show from the first season, parodying The Dating Game. The object of this game is to, while blindfolded, ask three different animals some questions about themselves, and then pick one of them to be the contestant's pet before taking off the blindfold and seeing what kind of pet was chosen. The three animals include Little Bird, Baskerville, and Beautiful Day Monster.
Episode 0072
Guy Smiley
The Mr. and Mrs. Game
A game show similar to The Newlywed Game, where a monster couple could win a prize if Mr. Monster's wife could guess her husband's answers.
Episode 0279
Guy Smiley
The Trading Game
Contestants Sally Screamer and Oscar the Grouch bring in items that they can trade for an item in a mystery box.
Episode 0310
Guy Smiley
The Remembering Game
This game show is a matching game, where the contestants have to match two pictures. The prize is whatever the contestant correctly matches. The contestants in this skit are Cookie Monster and Bill Smith.
Episode 0370
Guy Smiley
What's My Letter?
Another What's My Line? title parody, hosted by Guy Smiley. In this game show, the contestant has to figure out the featured letter of the day. In this skit, the contestant is Prairie Dawn, and the letter is E.
Episode 0629
Guy Smiley
Dialing-For-Prizes Movie
Guy Smiley gives the lucky caller a group of monsters as a prize. Spoof of Dialing for Dollars.
Episode 0834
Guy Smiley
The Mystery Mix-up Game
The object of this game is to unscramble a word. The word to unscramble is "SCHOOL", and when the contestant Mrs. Rooney wins, she rearranges her prizes.
Episode 0915
Guy Smiley
The Anything-in-the-World Prize Game
Guy Smiley asks questions to random people on the street. The winner gets to choose the prize. His guest for this skit is Oscar the Grouch, who doesn't want to be bothered by Guy Smiley and accidentally gets every answer right. Since Oscar gets to have whatever he wants for a prize, he asks Guy Smiley to get lost.
Episode 0960
Guy Smiley
The Addition Game
The contestant, Herry Monster, has to add numbers to win the prize. Herry can solve all the questions except "3+1=_", so he brings four cars into the studio to add them together.
Episode 1042
Guy Smiley
What is It?
Panelists Grover, Biff and Prairie Dawn must guess what mysterious object Little Sammy Pottle has brought into the studio (a red rubber ball) while blindfolded.

Episode 1373
Guy Smiley
Say the Word
In the manner of Password, one contestant must get his partner to say the secret word ("Stop") by giving him clues. The contestants are Chester O'Leary and Maurice Monster. When Chester's clues fail to enlighten Maurice, Chester resorts to tickling. The monster finally yells, "Stop!" The pair win, but Maurice gets his own back by tickling Chester and Guy Smiley.
SesameGame show.JPG
Episode 1447
Guy Smiley
Mystery Guest
The contestants wear blindfolds and ask the guest who it is. In this skit, the contestants are Cookie Monster, Don Music, and Sherlock Hemlock, and the guest is the letter X.
Episode 1491
Don Carrot
Name That Food
The object of the game is to identify foods that appear on a screen and then eat that food. One of the contestants is willing to eat every food shown, while the other contestant refuses.
Episode 1631
Guy Smiley
This Is Your Lunch
Construction worker Sally Smith is the surprise contestant of the on-location game "This Is Your Lunch." Sally must guess the contents of her lunchbox correctly after each food item gives her clues.
Episode 1640
Richard Dawson
Family Food
A parody of Family Feud. The Hungry Family must come up with the top five answers for foods that make up a healthy meal (chicken, broccoli, wheat bread, oranges, and milk). The prize is a smorgasbord of the food listed as answers, a trip to Florida, and a horse.
Episode 2076
Guy Smiley
The How Many Game ??
The object of the game is for the contestant to bring in a certain number of objects. The contestant is the Two-Headed Monster, who must bring in two of something.
Episode 2125
Guy Smiley
To Tell a Face
The object of the game is to identify the face of a relative. The contestant in this skit is a baby, who must identify his grandmother.
Episode 2185
Guy Smiley
The Triangle is Right
The object of the game is to answer every question with "a triangle" as the answer. Contestant Prairie Dawn has little patience for this format.

This segment was written by Mark Saltzman.[1]

Episode 2258
Oscar the Grouch
The Trash Is Right
Hosted by Oscar on Sesame Street. The object of this game is for the contestant, Grundgetta, to match each pile of trash with the picture of the person who threw it away.
The School Game title card.jpg

Episode 2282
Guy Smiley
The School Game
The object of this game is the contestant must figure out the correct answer about School and the teachers. The contestants are Timmy, Lynn-Lynn, and Rosa. All three contestant wins the game. The prizes, as displayed by a woman resembling a schoolteacher, are various Guy Smiley merchandise (such as a Guy Smiley Lunchbox, a Guy Smiley backpack, a Guy Smiley pencil set, a Guy Smiley coloring book, and a book about Guy Smiley's amazing life story.)

Episode 2318
Guy Smiley
Where Do I Belong?
A group of objects/people/animals try to figure out where they all belong. The first group is a sun, a star, and a moon, who all belong in the sky. The next group is a fish, a clam, and a scuba diver, who all belong in the water. The last group is a cow, a tree, and a haystack, who all belong on land.

Episode 2328
What Happens Next?
Gordon asks the audience what would happen next with help from the Dinger and Maria (as Charlie Chaplin). We have to guess before Gordon rings the bell. On the 1st round, Maria as Charlie Chaplin steps on the banana peel on the ground. On the 2nd round, Maria sits on a bench with only Three legs and it knocks down. Then on 3rd (and final) round Maria used the cane to push cloud to the game show studio, causing Gordon to sneeze a lot.
Episode 2329
Guy Smiley
The Eating Game
Another spoof of The Dating Game, the object is for a plate (Fran Brill) is to ask questions to three different types of food, and then pick which one the contestant wants to take to dinner. The food choices are a fish (David Rudman), a corn on the cob (Kevin Clash), and a glass of milk (Martin P. Robinson). The plate ultimately chooses all three, thus making for a healthful meal.
Squeal of Fortune title.jpg
Episode 2331
Pat Playjacks
Squeal of Fortune
A parody of Wheel of Fortune, hosted by Pat Playjacks with the help of Velma Blank. The contestants are Count von Count and Prairie Dawn. The object of the game is to spin a wheel with a pig in the middle and guess how many times it will go around (with one squeal per turn). The Count wins, but after being given his choice of prizes (including a larger-than-life portrait of Playjacks himself, grapefruit goggles, and a barrel of industrial-strength gray-green finger paint), he chooses the pig instead. Then an eel comes along to ask Pat Playjacks if the game is called Eel of Fortune.
Episode 2404
Guy Smiley
The Fairytale Newlywed Game
The object of the game is for one Fairy Tales couple to get the same answer that the host asked them.
Episode 2460
Guy Smiley
Bring that Thing
The Yip-Yip Martians are contestants. They would have to find something that involves light (Such as a flashlight, a lamp, and the Moon). Similar to Beat the Time.
What's Prairie's Problem title card.jpg

Episode 2466
Guy Smiley
What's Prairie's Problem?
The object of the game is to figure out why Prairie Dawn can't use one of her senses (i.e., which part of her face is covered).

This segment was taped on December 18, 1987, and was directed by Jon Stone.[2]

Episode 2467
Guy Smiley
Happiness Begins At 40
The Sad Family counts to 40, with their emotions improving as they get to 40.

This segment was taped on December 14, 1987, and was directed by Jon Stone.[2]

Episode 2573
Guy Smiley
What's My Job?
Monster contestants wear blindfolds and must guess the occupations of three guests. The guest include a firefighter, a dentist, and game show host Sonny Friendly.
Episode 3201
Sonny Friendly
The Crying Game
In this game, Sonny tells a sad story, and whoever cries the hardest wins. However, after Sonny learns that the prize is his own teddy bear, he cries the hardest and wins. The contestants, Luke Warm, Ida Nomer, and Gordon Blue, cry together after the announcer blurts out that there's no consolation prize.
Episode 4123
Alex Trebek
Special of the Day
In a spoof of Jeopardy!, Telly has to give answers (in the form of a question) regarding foods he can have for a healthful lunch.
Episode 4138
Howie Eatswell
Meal or No Meal
A parody of Deal or No Deal.

Episode 4144
Tom Twinkletoes
Dancing with Triangles
In this Dancing with the Stars parody, contestants have to dance with a triangle. The first three contestants are rejected because their dancing partners are not triangles; Chris flamenco-dances with a hexagon, Gordon square-dances with a square, and Maria tangos with The Elephant. Audience member Telly Monster obliges to waltz with a triangle and becomes the show's winner.
Episode 4179
Jeff Bawksworthy
Are You Smarter Than an Egg Layer?
In the game, the contestant must answer egg-related questions. This is a parody of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
Episode 4230
The Letter G Game
Grover interrupts Mr. Johnson's reading at the park to have him be a contestant in "The Letter G Game", in which Mr. Johnson has to show one object beginning with G. Mr. Johnson doesn't have anything that starts with G, but wins due to Grover thinking of him as a gentleman. Prizes include a pair of gloves and glasses, which go with a new pet goat, who can play the guitar.

Episode 4410
Guy Smiley
Make it Fit
Cookie Monster has to search through a bin of shapes to find the matching shape, an octagon, within a one-minute time limit (similar to Beat The Time). Cookie wins the game by ultimately chewing a circle into the shape of an octagon. The winning prize is a trip around the world, but Cookie opts to eat the shapes instead.

Episode 4412
Guy Smiley
The Waiting Game
Guy Smiley puts Cookie Monster on "The Waiting Game". If Cookie Monster can wait to eat a cookie until Guy comes back, he can have two cookies. As Cookie waits, The Guy Smiley Singers show up and sing "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait", helping Cookie Monster resist the urge of eating the cookie sooner.
Episode 4525
Guy Smiley
Estimation Vacation
Bert and the Estimation Crustacean face off to see who make the closest estimate of animals on the beach.
Dreidel of Fortune.jpg

Shalom Sesame, Show 6: Chanukah
Jeremy Miller
Dreidel of Fortune
A spoof of Wheel of Fortune When no one can guess the answer, Co-Host Lavana White (parody of Vanna White) provides the missing clue and completes the puzzle: A Great Miracle Happened Here. Since Mrs. White works on the show, All the contestants gets a prize.

Featured Game Shows

Picture Featured in / Host Description
Episode 1079
Guy Smiley
The Big Trip
A game show that rewards big prizes to contestants dressed in outrageous costumes.
The Alphabet Game
Sonny Friendly
Alphabet Treasure Hunt
This game show involves a screen that randomly picks a letter, and whenever that letter is presented, the contestants must find an object that starts with that letter and bring it to the studio. Whoever correctly finds something beginning with that letter gets a piece of cookie, and when the contestant gets three pieces, which form a full cookie, the contestant wins. If there is a tie then the contestants must correctly answer a question.
Episode 2274
Sonny Friendly
The My Best Friend Game Show
The contestants talk about their best friends.
Episode 2428
Matt Playback
Sight Word
Another Wheel of Fortune parody, hosted by Matt Playback with the help of Velma Bland. Maria is the contestant for all three segments, and tries to solve the titular "sight word" by calling out letters.
Episode 4065
Mr. Square
Sesame Street Squares
This game show involves its contestants in a search for 7 squares before a mouse reaches the top of the clock and rings the bell.
Episode 4085
Mr. Healthy Food
The Healthy Foods Game
This game show involves its contestants in a search for healthy foods of various colors, but the contestant must find foods of all colors before a mouse reaches the top of a refrigerator and plays the piano.
Episode 4100
Oscar the Grouch
What Happens Next?
Oscar sets up some things, and his contestant must guess what will happen next.
Episode 4129
Mr. Pattern
What Comes Next?
The contestant tries to figure out what comes next in a pattern of things before an unnamed mouse rings a bell.
Episode 4182
Guy Smiley
Hurry Up! You're Running Out of Time!
The contestant has a task they must complete without getting distracted by Denny the Distractor (Gilbert Gottfried).

Other Game Shows

Picture Featured in / Host Description
Ready To Learn
Guy Smiley
Double Get Wordy
A parody of Jeopardy!. Contestants include Cookie Monster and cartoon characters T-Bone (Clifford the Big Red Dog) and Thora (Arthur).
Match game.JPG
The Sesame Street Dictionary
Guy Smiley
The Matching Game
Six contestants hold shapes, with the player having to match the shapes.
Elmo's Breakfast Bingo
Breakfast Bingo
Elmo hosts a game show with the purpose of teaching kids about healthy eating for breakfast. The game is structured as a multiple-choice format, often with silly incorrect answers. Occasionally, Elmo makes jokes such as that the contestant has won a new car or that they've reached the one million dollar question.
Sesame Place
Oscar the Grouch
Oscar's Big Game Show
What's That Snack
What's That Snack
The contestant has to guess the healthy snack they'll be having based on three clues.
The Not-Too-Late Show
The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo: Game Edition
The second season of the series pivots the format from a late night talk show to a game show with children as contestants. At the beginning of each game, the child and their parent perform "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes." Round 1 is the Celebrity Challenge, where the kid competes againt a celebrity guest in some physical activity. Round 2 is Musical Seek-and-Find, where the kid identifies three themetic things in a musical number. Finally, round 3 is Elmo's Arcade, where the child plays a short video game.

Real World Game Shows


The Sesame Street characters have been guests on many outside game shows, including:


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