"The ABCs of Holiday Fun!" is the theme of this issue. The front cover features every letter of the alphabet. Maggie Swanson, Dave Calver, Tom Leigh, Karen Katz, Colleen Pidel, David Dees and Bob Berry provided illustrations for this issue. Leslie Kimmelman provided poem content for this issue. Some photo / illustration content in this issue was lifted from the book Sesame Street Sign Language ABC with Linda Bove. This issue is brought to you by the letter P and the number 12.

Includes a mini-poster called Lots of Letters featuring Santa Ernie and Twiddle-Elves.

  • Happy Holiday ABCs!
  • Alphabet Riddle Ride
  • Peace on Earth
  • 12 Tasty Treats
  • Elmo's World of Holiday Greetings: Holiday Hellos!
  • Fix Up the Mix-Up
  • Sesame Safari: Zebras
  • Play with Me Sesame: Home, Sweet Home
  • Big Bird's Fridge
  • Happy Healthy Monsters Calendars --- December and January
  • Dragon Tales --- Snow Dragons

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November 2005 February 2006
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