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Much of the February 1998 issue of Sesame Street Magazine centers around an adaptation of the Slimey to the Moon arc and other space and sky themes.


  • Cover
art by Tom Leigh
art by David Dees
  • The Amazing Adventures of Slimey: WASA mission control prepares to launch while Oscar the Grouch says goodbye to Slimey before he departs for the moon.
art by Donna Reynolds
art by Maggie Swanson
  • U Family Goes Up
art by Kurt Vargo
art by Joyce John
  • Liftoff!
art by Joan Steiner, photo by Thomas Lindley
art by Nadine Westcott, photo by Eduardo Patino
  • High Up on a Building
art by CTW
  • Moon Landing!
pullout poster
  • High Up on a Hill
art by CTW
art by Tommy Stubbs
  • The Count's Number of the Month
art by Tomohiro Kikuchi
  • Land, Sea, Sky
art by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher
  • The Sun and the Moon
art by Ajin
art by Karin Williams
  • Sesame Street Zoo: Giraffes
  • Big Bird's Gallery
fan art
  • Up, Up, and Away
art by Ajin
art by Rick Wetzel
art by Joe Ewers

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