June/July 2003: Sesame Safari - an entire issue devoted to animals. Richard Termine, David Dees, Maggie Swanson, Linda Davick, Donna Reynolds, Lynne Cravath, Joe Ewers, Bob Berry, Ernie Kwiat and Colleen Pidel provided illustrations for this issue. This issue also includes content from Sesame Street Sign Language ABC with Linda Bove.

  • Big Bird Likes Trees
  • Sing Like a Bird, Snuggle Like a Chimp
  • A - Act Like an Animal!
  • 8 - We're Nosy!
  • Lost & Found with Super Grover
  • Play with Me Sesame - Hide 'n' Seek
  • Sesame Safari - Flamingos Pullout Poster
  • Elmo's World of Baby Animals
  • Dragon Tales - Father's Day Treasure
  • Stepping Out
  • Global Grover Calendar - June 2003 - Australia and July 2003 - Kenya
  • Did You Know? - The Fourth of July and the Bald Eagle
  • Big Bird's Fridge

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