Japanese public broadcaster NHK released a monthly magazine/program guide for Sesame Street during the show's run on that network. They included (as time went on) transcripts for each week of episodes (in both English and Japanese), comic strips and various activity pages, as well as character profiles, sheet lyrics to the Sesame Street Theme, photos, and special articles focusing on fans, cast members and facts. Additionally, people (children and adults) sent in artwork of the characters.

At some point an issue was devoted to a Muppet in the month of that Muppet's birthday (e.g: June: Oscar, July: Bert; see Character birthdays) with a special article on him/her complete with photos, a profile and artwork sent in by fans.

Episode Guides

When the American Sesame Street aired on NHK's Educational network, the channel produced episode guides for educational use. Some episode guide pages on this wiki use information from these NHK guides.

In the early 1970s, the guides covered parts of every episode. They included transcripts and Japanese translations of selected scenes. By the late 1980s, the NHK guides changed format. They skipped over many episodes, but they had complete transcripts, Japanese translations, and screen shots for every scene in the episode.

In these later years, although the NHK broadcasts were largely the same as the U.S. airings, NHK replaced Spanish language segments with other segments that were in English. The Sesame Street Episode Guides on this wiki created from the NHK guides reflect the Japanese airings and therefore may lack Spanish language segments originally in the episodes, and may include NHK's replacement segments which were not originally aired in the episode.

The 1980s issues also include cartoon versions of scenes from the episodes, coloring pages, and local "Sesame Club" fan letters, news, and photos. The issues covering season 20 also include interviews and biographical sketches (in Japanese) of people who worked on Sesame Street.





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