September 2004: "Shape Up for School!" is the theme for this issue of the magazine. The opening note includes tips for helping children to get ready to go back to school. It notes that learning shapes is in an important stepping-stone to mastering math. Joel Schick, Tom Brannon, Linda Solovic, Ernie Kwiat, Tom Leigh, Sue Heap, Bob Berry, Colleen Pidel and David Dees provided illustrations for this issue. This issue also includes content from Sesame Street Sign Language ABC with Linda Bove.

  • Big Bird Plays at the Playground
  • Meet the Shapes!
  • T - Telly Says
  • 8 - Stepping-Stones
  • Elmo's World of Circle Time
  • Sesame Squares - Pullout Poster - Game Show Parody
  • Global Grover - The Wheels on the Bus
  • Play with Me Sesame --- Even a Poem Can Have a Shape
  • Sesame Safari - Giraffes
  • Dragon Tales - When the Wind Blew - Search for the Alphabet
  • Big Bird's Fridge
  • Global Grover Calendar - September 2004 - Egypt
  • Do You Know... (Who is Getting Ready for School?)

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