Sesame Street Magazine (September 2008)

  • Sesame Street Mini-Poster: Ernie and Bert "Here are things to do as you sit, stroll, or run."
  • Elmo's Exciting Day, illustrated by Maggie Swanson.
  • Skip to School, poem by Anna Prokos.
  • Excellent Eats, poem by Beth Sharkey, illustration by Nadine Westcott.
  • Let E! Entertain You, Guy Smiley hosts the Letter E! Network, programs "Stand by E", "E-vita" with the song "Don't Cry for E, Argentina", "Catch E if You Can", "It's Good to Be E.", and the Double-E Feature; illustration by Ron Zalme.
  • Elmo's World of Libraries, illustration by Joe Mathieu.
  • Sesame Safari: Birds With Words, parrots; special thanks to Dr. Irene Pepperberg and Arlene Levin-Rowe of The Alex Foundation, photos by Jenny Pegg and Arlene Levin-Rowe.
  • Big Bird's Fridge
  • Happy, Healthy, Ready for School: Good Night, Good Morning, with Elmo and Louie

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