Sesame Street Music Magazine is a magazine that was published for classroom use in the 1980s by Children's Television Workshop and Cherry Lane Music Co., Inc. Each issue came with a 7" 33 1/3 rpm record, with music recorded to correspond with activity pages in the magazine. The record also contained dialogue between a human host and Big Bird or Prairie Dawn, which was sometimes directed at the listener as they participated in the activities. Sometimes there would be dialogue between Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch as they worked through activities together, with Oscar making his usual comments.

Each issue also had a corresponding teacher’s guide with sheet music and lesson plans. Goals of the activities included developing musical skills, introducing students to famous musical works, identifying musical instruments and symbols, and developing listening skills.

Record credits

Magazine credits

Cherry Lane Music Staff:

  • Publisher - Lauren Keiser
  • President - Pat Raven
  • Vice President - Leo Sevush
  • Editor - Jane Beethoven
  • Business Manager - Al Rosenman
  • Creative Staff - Barbara Mariconda, Denise Puccio
  • Art Director - Frank Morano
  • Administrative Assistant - Linda Bellofatto

CTW Staff:

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