Sesame Street Music Magazine Vol. 1, No. 2 was released in November, 1982.

Record track listing

Side One

  1. Sesame Street Theme
    Big Bird talks about Thanksgiving
    Over the River
  2. Thanksgiving Day Parade-The Sesame Street Marching Band
  3. Up to the Moon and Splash Down: Space Music
  4. Foot 'n Hand Band: She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain

Side Two

  1. The Sesame Street Music School: Hi and Lo from Music Time
  2. Getting Ready for Thanksgiving: American Indian Song
  3. Sesame Street Opera Co.: Overture to The Magic Flute (Mozart)-Bruno Walter, Columbia Symphony Orchestra
    Papageno's Song-Ron M'Sadoques, Baritone
  4. The Milk Shake Shaker: The Banana Boat Song-The Brothers Four