Sesame Street Script Highlights

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1972 introduction.
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As advertised in The Muppet Gallery

During the early seasons of Sesame Street, a series of "Script Highlights" were made available to caregivers for the purpose of previewing the contents of episodes before they aired.

The synopses were packaged into bulletins with a rundown of the segments in each episode and a brief description of the street scenes. Some of the packages were accompanied by a lesson plan that could be used to help develop concepts introduced in each episode.

Betty Bargonetti developed the program and served as its editor for CTW's Community Relations Department. By 1978, the project was managed by the organization's Community Education Services (Department A), and offered on a wider scale in publications such as The Muppet Gallery.

Many of the script highlights are archived at the University of Maryland, accessible to the general public. These documents served as the starting point for many of the earliest versions of Muppet Wiki's Sesame Street episode guide project.

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