Sesame Street Start-to-Read Video is a video series published by Random House Home Video. The series featured stills from various Sesame Street storybooks, all narrated by Big Bird.

Caroll Spinney performs not just Big Bird, but also all of the other Sesame Street character voices in these videos. (It is implied that Big Bird is imitating his friends' voices as he is reading the stories, as Caroll Spinney's Oscar the Grouch voice sounds a bit different in these videos.) The videos opened with Big Bird singing a theme song for the series.

International releases

In 1994, The Video Collection (now 2 Entertain) released the Sesame Street Start-to-Read Video series in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, the Sesame Street Start-to-Read Video series (except for I Want to Go Home!) was released on VCD in Asia (official years for these releases are currently unknown).


  • For the Dutch dub of this video series, an unidentified female actress narrates the stories. Interestingly, the narration for Ernie's Little Lie video incorrectly has said female actress narrate the stories as Big Bird (with the character's first-point-of-view terms left intact) and he is referred to as "Grote Vogel" instead of "Pino" (not to be confused with his Dutch counterpart cousin). Also, the character imitations in the particular video are more evident, compared to the other volumes.

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