Two versions of Oscar.

Toy company Fun-4-All announced in October 2003 that they would be producing a line of Sesame Street action figures, scheduled for release in March 2004. The proposed toy line was covered extensively on the fan site Muppet Central.[1]

Prototypes were built for a first wave, which would include Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, Super Grover, and Oscar the Grouch.

Prototypes of their accessories were also built. The accessories included:

for Ernie: Rubber Duckie, banana, and letter E.
for Bert: Pigeon and letter W.
for Cookie Monster: plate of cookies, cookies, teacup, and letter C.
for Super Grover: cape, helmet, and letter G.
for Oscar: trash can lid (Oscar would have been permanently inside the can, and both Slimey and a Scram sign would have been permanently attached to the trash can) and letter O.

These toys would have also had special action features. Grover would have had bendy arms, Ernie would have been abe to have his arm move up, Bert would have also been able to have his arm move up, Cookie Monster would have had the ability to move his arm and head, and Oscar could have been pushed into his trash can.

Fun-4-All filed for bankruptcy in 2004, bringing their plans for Sesame figures to an end.[2]

This preceded the unmade Palisades figures of Sesame Street characters.


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