Bradley Time produced a line of two-bell Sesame Street alarm clocks, beginning with Big Bird and Cookie Monster clocks in 1976. This was followed by a Count von Count clock, and an Ernie and Bert clock. The Ernie and Bert clock featured "animated action"; Ernie's head rocked back and forth as the second hand ticked.

Talking alarm clocks

Bradley Time released a set of Sesame Street talking alarm clocks in 1977 and 1978. These clocks had to be wound each day to keep time, although the alarm worked on a battery.

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Big Bird sits next to a blue clock on a gray base which is molded to look like cinder blocks. He holds a large green key in his arms. Little Bird perches nearby on the top of the clock. Big Bird's phrases include a reminder to wind the clock and encouragement to the listener to open his or her eyes and get out of bed. (1977)
Oscar the Grouch peeks from his trash can; the lid can be opened and closed. A second trashcan on its side has a blue clock face on one end. Both are mounted on a red base. The clock measures 9" long by 5" wide by 8" high. Oscar's phrases include reminders about winding the clock and exhortations to get up for another grouchy day. (1977)
Bradley time 1978 school house clock 1
Big Bird urges the listener to wake up for another day, saying, "Good morning! It's me, your friend, Big Bird. The old schoolhouse clock says it's time to get up. Ernie and Little Bird and Oscar and I hope you have a nice day. Now brush your teeth, wash your face, and don't forget to wind the clock!" (1978)

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