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Written by Robert W. Morrow
Published 2005
Publisher Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN 0801882303

Sesame Street and the Reform of Children's Television offers a study of how the Children's Television Workshop (CTW) and Sesame Street, created in the late 1960s during a period of criticality toward then-available children's programming, offered a new approach to the genre.

Based on archival research and sample programs from the first 10 seasons of Sesame Street, Robert Morrow discusses the creation, ideas, technique, organization, and funding of the show. He goes on to discuss its role in the public discourse on children's television, its impact on the industry, and specifically its failure to reform commercial children's television.


  • "A riveting account of the genesis and early years of Sesame Street. Morrow's book reveals the uphill battle that educational television faced in the 1970s, the regulatory battles waged over children's TV, and the resentment that commercial broadcasters felt toward the Children's Television Workshop's success." -- Heather Hendershot, Queens College, CUNY Graduate Center
  • "An insightful look at American children's television." -- Library Journal
  • "An insightful look at American children's television. Recommended for upper-level sociology, education, and mass media collections." -- Morgan State University


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