Pillsbury made several Sesame Street baking sets for young bakers-in-training.

Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set

The Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set, released in 1977, includes 32 plastic cookie cutters -- one for each letter of the alphabet, plus six Sesame Street characters. Each alphabet piece is in the shape of a common word embossed with the letter that starts the word -- an apple for A, a bicycle for B, a car for C, and so on. The Sesame characters include Ernie, Bert, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover and The Count. The set also includes a rolling pin, an illustrated plastic work mat, and an instructions pamphlet that features "Cookie Monster's own special cookie recipe".

Mix and Measure Set

The Mix and Measure Set (1978) is a set of plastic bowls, measuring spoons and measuring cups, with images of Sesame characters embossed on each item. The featured item is a plastic eggbeater made in the shape of Big Bird, with the mixers as his legs. The set also includes a Bert spatula and an Ernie mixing spoon.

Cookie Stamper

The Sesame Street Cookie Stamper (1979) is a set of six cookie cutters in the shape of Sesame characters' faces. Each face can split in two, so bakers can mix and match to create silly combinations. The faces slot into a plastic stamper, made in the likeness of Cookie Monster wearing a chef's hat. The six characters pictured are Cookie Monster, Ernie, Grover, Oscar the Grouch, Prairie Dawn and the Count.

Big Bird Beater

The eggbeater was repackaged by Wilton on its own in 1979, and sold as a Big Bird Beater.

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