The Laundromat signage since 2016.

Leela folding laundry outside the establishment (Episode 4223).

The Sesame Street laundromat is a place on Sesame Street where its residents can do their laundry. There have been a number of laundromats, or at least changes in location, over the years.

During a portion of the show's run, there was a laundry room seen in the basement of 123 Sesame Street, notably seen in Episodes 1159, 2751, and 3223.

Another laundromat features prominently at the beginning of The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland during the last half of the song "Together Forever." At this time, the laundromat was located across the street from 123 Sesame Street.

Beginning with Season 39 of Sesame Street, the laundromat has been moved next to Hooper's Store (occupying the space previously home to the Fix-It Shop),[1] where Leela served as its proprietor. Since Leela's departure following season 45, the Laundromat has been seen the care of Nina (Episode 4602), an Anything Muppet man performed by Peter Linz (Episode 4822) and Grover (Episode 4909).

Scenes set in the laundromat have been shot in two different ways. Some scenes use the laundromat as it is shown on-set. Occasionally, however, an expanded version of the space (pictured below) is used, in such episodes as Episode 4161, 4216 and 4228.

Illustrated appearances

In the "Big Bird and the Lost Bear" story from Cookie Soup and Other Good-Night Stories, the laundromat was named the Wash and Dry Laundromat where Big Bird finds Granny Bird giving Radar a bath.


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