Since the debut episode of Sesame Street, nearly episode has begun by displaying the episode number, with different methods of doing so throughout the series. This method was used in a few of the co-productions, including Sesamstrasse and Plaza Sésamo, as well as other Children's Television Workshop shows, such as The Electric Company and Square One TV.

Picture Description
Season 1

During the first season of the show, the episode number is displayed in a claymation sequence. Two characters, a unicorn and abstract man, form the words "SESAME STREET," which is then placed on an arch. The episode number appears below as the two enter through the arch.

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Season 2 through Season 6

The episodes begin with a series of alternating, animated sequences, where the episode number is displayed at the end. Season seven would be the only season not to display the episode number onscreen at any point during the opening.
Many of these sequences would be used on Sesamstrasse and Plaza Sésamo.

Season 8 through Season 32

The longest-running method of displaying the episode number was during the opening vamp of the theme song, using varying fonts and colors depending on the episode.

Season 33 through Season 37

The episode numbers are shown on a small card held by Super Grover at the end of the theme sequence.

Season 38 and Season 39

The episode number is shown at the end of the theme as a sign on the iconic lamppost.

Season 40 through Season 45

The episode number is shown being written in chalk at the end of the theme. Starring with this theme sequence, a number sign is applied onscreen.

Season 46 to present

The episode number is shown on a banner trailing behind an airplane during the beginning of the theme.