Sesame Street plush mascots/keychains produced by Sanrio. Most of the mascots made in the last ten years have featured Elmo, with some appearances by other characters.



Mini mascot (Sanrio)

Paku Paku Wiggle Mascots

These mascots open their mouths when you press on their stomach.


Downy Funny Face

Elmo Costumed in Sesame Pals

Funny Head Ring Ring

These plush mascots have bells in their heads that ring when they're swung around.

Happy Resort Elmo

These mascots feature Elmo and his friend Teena (from the Japanese version of Sesame Street) in tropical resort costumes. The surfboards of the Surfing Elmo mascots can be used to clean the phone screen.

Elmo Colorful Jelly-Beans

Elmo Dreams in Rainbow Colors

Elmo Gummi-Candy-Touch

Little Toy


Candy Funny Elmo