Gund has produced a line of Sesame Street plush toys since 2003. Later sets (as can be identified by the copyright year notes on the toys' tags) used slightly different materials and patterns, leaving the quality of the newer sets to affect the characters' likenesses, sometimes reshaping their faces considerably.

Basic plush

Special Occasion plush

Jumbo plush

Bendy Abby Cadabby

In 2006, for the introduction of new character Abby Cadabby, Gund produced a special, slightly smaller, bendy plush toy of her.

Floppy & Shaggy set

Gund produced a set of slightly larger, shaggy plush of four characters in 2008. In 2013, Super Grover was added to the set.

NYC set

Gund produced a set of New York City plush of four characters in 2009.

Take Along Buddy set

Gund produced a set of extra-soft 13-inch Take Along Buddy plush dolls starting in 2011.

Feel Better plush

In 2012, Gund produced a set of "Feel Better" plush to give to convalescing loved ones.

The Elmo Feel Better plush doll wears a robe and holds a box of tissues. When you press his right foot, he says five phrases: "Sniff sniff, Elmo's got the sniffles", "Elmo would feel better if you hold Elmo's hand", "Achoo", "Elmo loves you", and "Aaaah".

Each of the plush flowers in the Sesame Street Flower Assortment has a cheerful phrase written on a leaf.

Floppy Body plush

Gund made a set of "Floppy Body" plush in 2012.

Talking plush

Gund made a set of talking plush in 2013.


Gund made a set of Sesame Chatters, small plush toys with sound clips in 2015.

Heart Patch Plush

Gund made a set of "Heart Patch" plush in 2015.


Gund made an Elmo Giggler toy in 2018.

Best Friends

Gund made sets of "Best Friends" plush in 2019.

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