Hand puppets

In 2003, Gund produced hand puppets of the Sesame Street characters. They ranged from 10" to 13". Several different versions of these puppets exist, as can be seen on the copyright notes on the puppets' tags. A set from 2004 used slightly different materials, as did one from 2005. Similarly to the finger puppets, the quality of these two newer sets did not hold up to the quality of the first set, sometimes disfiguring their faces (as can also be seen on the golf club headcovers made by Gund).

A newer set from 2009 added legs and feet on some of the characters. In 2013, Rosita was added to the line.

Medium-size full-body puppets

In 2010, Gund added legs to most of their hand puppets. These now ranged from 12.5" to 21". In 2011, the company added two more full body characters to the set: Abby Cadabby and Mr. Snuffleupagus. In 2013, Count von Count was added to the line.

34" full-body puppets

In 2006, Gund distributed a set of identical copies of the Sesamstrasse Living Puppets, which were originally made in Europe. Only Cookie Monster, Elmo, Ernie and Grover (all roughly 34 inches) were sold in the US.

The same characters in varying sizes, as well as Bert, the Count, Oscar, Super Grover, and the two Sesamstrasse characters, Finchen and Samson, were only sold overseas. In 2011, Pferd and Wolle were added to the set.

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