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Stick puppets of American characters and Germany's Tiffy

The German toy company Igel released several series of Sesame Street puppets starting in 1994. Characters from Sesamstraat and Sesamstrasse were featured as well.

Igel started out as a small company that made rather crafty-looking finger puppets and "stick puppets"; puppets on a stick that were attached to a cone. By pulling the stick downwards, the puppet sticks its head inside the cone. The stick puppets were released in various different sizes, from miniature to extra large.

The following characters were featured as large and small stick puppets, finger puppets and hand puppets:

Sesame Street Characters:

Sesamstrasse Characters:

Sesamstraat Characters:

Igel also produced large hand puppets. Among others, Bert, Ernie, Count von Count and Grover were a part of this series. The puppet heads were made of wood, covered with fabric: they could be manipulated by putting your index finger in the heads and your thumb and middle finger in the hands.

These crafty puppets would be the start of an extensive line of Sesame Street and Muppet dolls and puppets.