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In the 1990s, Sesame Workshop began producing Sesame Street videos for internal use, exploring specific topics like lead poisoning and asthma that would otherwise not be featured on the main series. These productions were originally produced and released non-commercially on VHS tapes, and later, DVDs, that were packaged with physical outreach kits given to schools and communities for free. With the advances of digital distribution, many videos would later see wider release online, even on e-commerce platforms like the iTunes Store and

Sesame Street’s outreach projects have since transitioned to primarily online resources and videos. Launched in 2013, Sesame Street in Communities toolkits, and their corresponding YouTube channel, include clips from existing videos and specials as well as newly produced short-form segments featuring Muppet characters and cast members. Topics covered range from building vocabulary and literacy to foster care and parental addiction.

Many of these projects are produced in English and Spanish. Though most Spanish language translations have redubbed dialogue, several have reshot scenes where the bilingual actors (Carmen Osbahr as Rosita, for example) speak their lines live in Spanish. In these cases, other Muppet performers operate their characters lip-syncing to the voices of Spanish actors.


Image Date Title / Notes
Lead Away!
April 1998
A is for Asthma
English and Spanish versions filmed
Sesame Street Goes to the Doctor
Later given a wide release as Elmo Visits the Doctor
Language to Literacy
English and Spanish versions filmed
Music Works Wonders
Dubbed in English and Spanish
c. 2002
You Can Ask!
Talk, Read, Write
Dubbed in English and Spanish
Happy, Healthy, Ready for School!
The Get Healthy Now Show
Here For You 1.jpg
Here for You
Learning is Everywhere
Let's Get Ready!
Super grover healthy habits.jpg
Food for Thought
Footage from this video has been repurposed as street scenes for episodes 4230 and 4604.
Math Is Everywhere
Dubbed in English and Spanish
For Me, For You, For Later
Footage from this video has been repurposed as the street scene for episode 4282.
Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me
April 2014
Words Are Here, There, and Everywhere
Dubbed in English and Spanish

Talk, Listen, Connect

Image Date Title / Notes
Elmo dad450.jpg
Deployments (2006)
Homecomings (2008)
Changes (2008)
When Families Grieve (2010)

Little Children, Big Challenges

Image Date Title / Notes
December 2012
Dubbed in English and Spanish
June 2013
English and Spanish versions filmed
December 2013
Little Children, Big Challenges
Dubbed in English and Spanish

Sesame Street in Communities

Building Language Skills

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Language: Buzz Word observes Oscar (Caroll Spinney) teaching his niece Irvine some yucchy grouch words.

Caring for Kids

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Friends, Families, Neighbors: Elmo complains that his dad has to go work, but he's quickly cheered up when he realizes Nina will be taking care of him today. Nina suggests they go to the park, but when Louie mentions that Elmo woke up very early this morning, Nina decides he should take a nap first, so he'll have more energy for later. Elmo goes off to get a book to help him settle in for nap-time.

Caring & Sharing

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Caring & Sharing: Elmo and Abby Cadabby disagree on whether they should play superheroes or pirates, until they decide to combine them and play "super-pirates."
December 2017 K is for Kindness: Elmo explains what kindness means and demonstrates by sharing compliments and high-fiving the viewer.

Community Violence

Image Date Title / Notes
July 2016 Comforting Children Through Stressful Times: Rosita admits to Nina that some things on TV scare her. Nina tells her that if she feels scared, it helps to talk about it. Rosita adds that hugs help too.
August 2018 Violence in Communities: An anxious Rosita approaches Alan, having overheard about a recent community tragedy. Alan lets her talk about it and assures her that he feels the same way, and he'll always be here to listen. Rosita notices the basket Alan has prepared for the community, and she retrieves a paper flower she made to add to the basket.
August 2018 Hooray for Hands: Rosita and Sofía talk about all the great things hands can do, like waving hello, holding hands to stay together or cross the street, or speak in sign language.

August 2018 Special-Special Comfort: Elmo tells Sofía that whenever he needs to feel brave or safe, he always has Baby David with him. Similarly, Sofía has a locket she wears that reminds her of her abuela. Other characters are seen talking about their special-special favorite things; Abby Cadabby has her doll Prince, Big Bird has Radar, and Rosita wears one of her father's shirts, to remind her of him even when he's away.
SSCommunities What is Violence.jpg
February 2021 What is Violence: Elmo tells his dad about his friend Zozo's reaction to a loud sound during quiet time at school. Louie explains that Zozo's dad had told him about loud noises in their neighborhood, which can mean that someone is getting hurt.
SSCommunities Super Pose.jpg
February 2021 Super Grover's Super Pose: Super Grover instructs the viewer on how to establish confidence by striking a super pose to ease worry and anxiety.

Coping With Incarceration

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Incarceration: Sofía sits on the steps of the garden with Alex and Rosita. She tells the viewer that a child can feel overwhelmed when a loved one is incarcerated. Alex recalls how hard it was for him when his dad went to jail. Rosita and Sofía comfort Alex, reminding him that he's not alone.

Dealing With Divorce

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Divorce: Abby is on her way back to her mommy's house, and she explains that her mommy and her daddy are divorced. She says that talking about it with her parents helped her a lot, and she knows that they both will always love her.

Developing Math Skills

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Math: Count von Count proclaims that he loves something else besides counting. His bats answer "Math!" The Count shows how math is everywhere, and can be found doing everyday things (such as having a whole or half sandwich).

Eating Well

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Healthy Eating: Cookie Monster discusses the importance of eating healthy foods. He acknowledges that he's not the most ideal role model, but he's learned that cookies are okay to eat sometimes, and there all kinds of healthy foods to have anytime.

Explaining Autism

See also: Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children
Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Autism: Abby has lots of friends, including some who have autism. She concludes "Every kid is amazing in their own way."

Exploring Emotions

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Feelings and Emotions: Rosita and Sofía identify the variety of feelings one can feel. Rosita gets stuck trying to name a specific emotion, inadvertently feeling this emotion herself: frustrated.

Family Bonding

Image Date Title / Notes

August 2018 Family Bonding: Rudy adds a picture of his new family to a collage of other family photos. Abby, Freddy, and Maggie look on and they observe the other families pictured (including Big Bird and his granny, and Elmo and his parents). They note that every family is unique, and that while the people in a family may not look alike, they all share love for each other.


August 2018 Big Bird & His Granny: Big Bird and Granny Bird look through their photo album, which includes pictures of baby Big Bird, and even Granny Bird as a baby. They then sing an old family song about bird sounds. Granny Bird remembers a surprise she brought for her grandson: a box of birdseed cookies. Big Bird returns the favor by singing a special song for her.
May 2019 Daddy Kiddie Dance Day: Rosita's father, Ricardo, helps put a bow clip in her hair before she joins Rudy and Elmo for dance class. Ricardo, Freddy and Louie talk with each other about the great times they've been having with their kids. Suddenly, music starts to play, signaling that it's time for their dance class. A dance instructor welcomes her pupils to "Daddy-Kiddy Boogie Day," and the kids and their fathers start doing their own wiggle dance.
December 2019 A Monster Fairy Problem: The monster-fairy family are about to head to a baseball game, but Abby falls behind. She feels sad because she misses her dad (who loves baseball). Maggie reassures Abby that her dad will continue to play a big part in her life, as will her step-brother Rudy and step-father Freddy.
December 2019 M is for Mom: Cookie Monster has made a special heart-shaped cookie as a gift for his mom, but he becomes so excited that he accidentally breaks it. Cookie is crushed, but his mom compliments his gift and helps him realize that he already does many things to show that he loves her. She also points out that because the cookie's in pieces, they both can share it. Cookie adds one more touch, frosting hearts, before they devour the cookie pieces.

Family Caregiving

Image Date Title / Notes
July 2019 Mi Familia - Sunny Day Song: Rosita, Ricardo and Rosa sing about all the things they can do together as a family.

July 2019 Stormy Days: Elmo strolls down the street singing the "Sesame Street Theme" and happens on a disheartened Rosita. She feels emotionally charged (like a thunderstorm) after an incident that happened earlier that morning. Ricardo and Rosita were about to attempt a guitar duet, but his hand hurt too much to play. Elmo suggests talking about the big feelings she has with her parents. Rosita eventually agrees, and admits she feels better after talking about it with Elmo.

July 2019 Stepping Up: A talent show is being held in the arbor to a full crowd (including Elmo and Louie), and Rosita nervously waits for Ricardo to arrive so they can perform the dance number they rehearsed. Rosa comes to tell Rosita that Ricardo cannot make it. She explains that Ricardo's brain injury makes some days more difficult than others, and right now, he needs time to himself. Rosa consoles a disappointed Rosita, and proposes that instead, they could sing their "We Love Our Papi" song for the talent show. Rosita likes the idea, and suggests that maybe they can also sing it to Ricardo when they get home. The two hug and head onstage.
August 2019 Caregiving: Rosita and her family share how they do things a little differently than other families (like dancing the salsa), and through good days and hard days, they stick together.


A 3-part audio-only production was released to the Sesame Street in Communities website and podcast feed. English and Spanish language versions were produced. Both feature Carmen Osbahr's vocals as Rosita, and the English version features narration by Chris Knowings.

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2019 A Cloudy Day Story: Rosita sees a trailer for the film Super Duper Duck and begs her parents to go see it. Ricardo doesn't feel like going to a movie theater, noting that crowds and loud noises can make him feel overwhelmed. Rosita then asks to go with her friends instead, but Rosa declines, reminding her that today is family day. Rosita's parents have her talk about how frustrated she feels, and they all take a deep breath and sound out their frustrations to feel better. Rosa suggests playing "Super Duper Duck Hero" for family day.
November 2019 A Stormy Day Story: Rosa gets a phone call informing her that Ricardo's stay in the hospital will be a little longer. Rosita feels worried and sad about her father being in the hospital. Rosa says it's okay to have these feelings and suggests they do some house chores to take their minds off of it. While making Rosita's bed, they find a note from Ricardo, giving Rosita the idea to leave some notes for him around the house when he returns.
November 2019 A Sunny Day Story: Ricardo is coming home from the hospital, and Rosita and Rosa are busily preparing for a party celebrating his return. Rosita gathers supplies to make some welcome home signs, while Rosa makes Ricardo's (and Rosita's) favorite dessert: pineapple upside-down cake. Later, Ricardo is welcomed back by his family and friends, including Rosita's Abuela, Elmo, and Louie. Ricardo and his family sing "Mi Familia" before everyone treats themselves to some cake.

Family Homelessness

Image Date Title / Notes


December 2018 A Rainbow Kind of Day: Elmo, Sofía, and Lily are almost finished painting a rainbow mural, which Sofía notes needs a little more purple. Lily becomes sad, and Elmo and Sofía encourage her to talk about her feelings to make her feel better. Lily's family recently lost their apartment, and she reveals that purple is her favorite color and it reminds her of her old bedroom. Sofía (whom Lily's family is currently staying with) explains that home is more than just a physical location; it's where the love is. Sofía and Elmo ensure Lily there will be lots of love, and she even offers Lily to use some purple-colored items of hers. Lily now feels better, and she and Elmo go off to fetch more purple paint. Elmo also brings some lily stickers. Sofía mentions it's just like Lily's name, and that a lily is a symbol of hope. Lily takes this as meaning wherever she is, there will always be hope and love.
December 2018 Family Homelessness: An extension of "A Rainbow Kind of Day," when Elmo and Lily leave to get more purple paint, Sofía talks to the viewer about the importance of letting children discuss their feelings, and reiterating that home is wherever the love lives.
December 2018 Connect The Dots: Lily stays behind as her classmates head home. Sofía shows Lily a strategy to remember how many people care about her. She draws dots on a blackboard, each one representing a caring person in Lily's life. Sofía helps Lily connect the dots, which form the shape of a heart. Sofía reminds Lily that all the love that made this heart is the love that lives in Lily's heart. She also says they can always add more dots, so Lily names more friends to add.
December 2018 Ribbons of Hope: During her playdate with Elmo, Lily reveals that her parents have finally found a new apartment, and she shows him her ribbon bracelets. Lily explains that during their difficult time, her mother would keep a bank of ribbons, and whenever she made a bracelet for Lily and put it on, she would say "We got this!". Lily lets Elmo have one of his ribbon bracelets for being a good friend.
December 2018 Home Is...: Elmo and Rosita talk with various children about what home is.

Financial Education

Image Date Title / Notes
April 2018 Financial Education: C is for... "Choices!" as Cookie's mommy brings up. She gives her son some alternative choices to eating a cookie now; he could save it for later (which proves to be too hard), or share it with someone he loves. Cookie ultimately settles on the latter and splits half of his cookie with his mommy.

Foster Care

Image Date Title / Notes

May 2019 Foster Care: Elmo and Karli play monster ball in the park as Louie cheers them on from the sidelines. Karli's foster parents, Dalia (Lindsey Briggs) and Clem (Paul McGinnis), meet up with Louie and invite Elmo to have dinner at their house on "Pizza Party Tuesday."


May 2019 A Place For You: Elmo arrives to share some monster-rella cheese pizza with Karli's family. Karli points to the special placemats for everyone at the table. She then notices her placemat is missing and becomes upset. Clem and Dalia console Karli, and they explain to Elmo that they're her foster parents (or "for-now" parents), which means they're taking care of Karli while her mother gets better. They then sing a song to reinforce that Karli has a place and she is safe. Meanwhile, Elmo discovers that Karli's placemat was under the pizza box the whole time, and he joins in on a reprise of the song.


May 2019 A Heart Can Grow: While drawing pictures together, Karli shows Elmo how a heart can grow bigger and bigger. She draws herself and her mom within a heart, and then she draws more hearts around it to represent the expanded love from her friends and foster family. Elmo displays his drawing which shows how Karli makes his heart grow, and the two share a hug.

Handling Emergencies

See also: Here for Each Other
Image Date Title / Notes
October 2014 Big Changes: Big Bird and Granny Bird (both Caroll Spinney) wait out a big storm. Big Bird is sad that he's away from his nest and can't do things he normally does. Granny Bird helps him feel better by suggesting some activities they can do together, and she keeps his teddy bear Radar handy for him to cuddle.
October 2014 Big Feelings: Elmo feels too scared to sleep after an emergency that happened earlier in the day. Louie explains that grown-ups can have big feelings too, and that it helps to talk about it. Elmo starts to feel better after cuddling Baby David and giving his dad a hug.
October 2014 Help on the Way: Rosita is unsettled by the sound of an oncoming siren. Her mother Rosa tells her that there's no need to feel afraid, and that a siren sound means that someone is coming to help. Rosita takes this as a way of saying that there's "help on the way."
October 2014 Playing Together: Elmo is slow to catch on that when the power is out, nothing that runs on it (indoor lights, TV, computer) will work. Louie reminds Elmo that they can still do fun activities together, like making shadow puppets.
November 2016 Emergencies: Rosita and Rosa prepare an emergency bag should they ever need it. Rosa also assures her daughter that in such an event, they'll be here for each other, and gives her a hug.

Handling Tantrums

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Handling Tantrums: Cookie Monster is eager to have some cookies for snacktime, but Nina informs him that he'll have to wait longer while the cookies continue to bake. Cookie is visibly impatient and starts going crazy, and Nina explains that it can be difficult for children to manage their emotions. Nina helps Cookie calm down by taking some slow, deep breaths.

Helping Kids Grieve

Image Date Title / Notes

November 2016 Grief: Elmo and Louie look through a photo album which includes a couple pictures of Elmo and his Uncle Jack. The two express their missing Uncle Jack and fondly remember the silly way he'd step up to the plate to play baseball.

Learning Through Play

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 How Children Learn: Chris happens on Abby playing blocks with her doll, Queen Puppy. He notes to the viewer that she's not "just" playing blocks, but also learning such concepts as sizes, shapes, and using her imagination. Abby and Queen Puppy's block castle falls over, proving their hypothesis that the bigger blocks go on the bottom. The two royally invite Chris to help them rebuild.

Learning Through Routines

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Daily Routines: Big Bird (Caroll Spinney) talks with Radar about how they can learn even as they do everyday things.

Managing Asthma

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Asthma: Rosita asks Dani if he'd like to go see Melissa's new dog, but Dani points out that he has asthma, which makes it hard for him to breathe when he's around furry animals. So instead, Rosita pulls out her phone to show Dani a picture of the dog.


Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Milestones: Grover runs in, panicked, and forewarns the viewer about "little creatures" crawling among us. He changes his tune as he reveals two AM monster babies, who gurgle and cuddle up against him.


August 2018 Milestones - 3 months: Moving boxes are seen stacked along the stoop of 123 Sesame Street as Abby and Rudy excitedly talk about the new brother-and-sister stuff they'll be doing together. Maggie Cadabby and Freddy arrive with Rudy's old memory box, which holds various artifacts from Rudy's past. Rudy hardly remembers his old elephant baby rattle, but it reminds Freddy of the time when Rudy discovered his hands. A flashback shows Freddy holding three-month-old Rudy, who recognizes that his rattle makes noise when he shakes his hands. Back in the present, Abby proposes that they come up with their own family handshake.

August 2018 Milestones - 12 months: Abby brings out another memory from the box, the first drawing that Rudy ever made (a purple squiggle that Rudy observes looks like he tried to draw "pasketti."). Freddy recalls when Rudy was one, shown in another flashback, and drummed on the pots and pans in their kitchen. In the present, Rudy finds the old bowl he used to wear as a hat. Abby puts on another bowl hat, and Freddy takes a family selfie.

August 2018 Milestones - 2 years: Maggie and Freddy have almost finished moving in the boxes. Abby and Rudy look through a box of Rudy's books, and they uncover an old animal book that reminds Freddy of when Rudy was two. In a flashback, Freddy is seen reading the book to two-year-old Rudy, who points to the animals pictured and makes their sounds. Rudy even names the water buffalo, and in the present, Rudy cites the animal as his favorite because it has horns like him. Maggie notes that once everything's moved in, they'll officially be a family, and they share a group hug.

Moving Our Bodies

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Move Your Body: Grover encourages the grown-up viewers to do physical activities with their children, like running, jumping, and his personal favorite: dance party!

Offering Comfort

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Offering Comfort: Elmo, hurried and excited to go to the beach, accidentally trips and gets hurt. Louie hugs and consoles his son to help him feel better.

Parental Addiction

Image Date Title / Notes
October 2019 Parental Addiction: Elmo sits in the park with Louie, talking about the great monster ball game he had with Karli. Their conversation shifts to the absence of Karli's mother, which Louie explains is because she had to get help for her addiction. He assures Elmo that Karli's mom is working hard to get better.
October 2019 Lending a Hand: Chris watches Elmo and Karli at Hooper's Store while Karli's mom is at her meeting. Chris and Karli explain to Elmo that Karli's mom sits with a group of people who have the same problem she's having, and they talk about it as way of getting healthier. Karli mentions that she goes to a kids-only meeting where they hold hands and sing. Elmo holds hands with Karli, which makes her feel better.
October 2019 Meet Salia: Karli introduces a film about her new friend Salia, whose parents have the same problem as her mom: addiction.
October 2019 We're Special and So Are You: Rosita, Karli, Elmo, and Lily each describe themselves with positive adjectives. Finally, in split-screen, they say in unison "We are special, and so are you!"
October 2019 It's Not Your Fault: Elmo and Karli play with their dolls, Baby David and Karli's stuffed elephant, who accidentally knocks over their block castle. "It's all my fault," she coos. Karli connects this with how she used to feel about some things, like her mom's problem. She remembers her mom assuring her that it was a "grown-up problem," it wasn't because of anything she did, and that she loves her no matter what. The two monsters and their dolls exchange a hug, which is enough to make Elephant feel better and help rebuild their castle.
October 2019 Monster Music: Karli and Abby Cadabby have a dance party. Karli notes that she's humming a special song that she and her mommy made up in monster-music class, about how they love each other and how happy they are to be together again. Karli reflects on her mom's grown-up problem, and says she's happy that she's taking care of herself and they're back together. Karli sings the song for Abby, and then they make up a song about being friends.
October 2019 Karli and Salia Breathe Deep: Karli and Salia discuss how their parents have dealt with addiction, and how they've learned that they're not alone and it's okay to share their feelings. Karli asks Salia what her parents do to stay healthy. Salia mentions her mother teaches meditation, and she demonstrates with Karli how she likes to relax, which involves spreading their hands out and taking deep breaths. (YouTube)

The video was re-edited into two additional videos titled "A Friend Like You - Introduction" (YouTube) and "A Friend Like You - Breathe Deep." (YouTube)

October 2019 A Friend Like You - Flower Art: Salia shows Karli her drawing of a flower, with each petal representing a big feeling she has (angry, happy, etc.). Karli then shows her feelings flower drawing, which originated from a conversation with her mom when she was mad. Karli's mom instructed her to draw her feelings out so they could work through them together.

Reading & Writing

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 Reading & Writing: Abby really loves reading, even though she's still learning. She reads all sorts of things with her parents, from stop signs to cereal boxes. She then goes off to read a fairy tale book with her mommy.


Image Date Title / Notes
July 2017 Resilience: Alan guides Elmo as he bounces on a pogo stick for the first time. While Elmo falls a few times, he shows resilience by "bouncing back" and trying again.

School Readiness

See also: Growing Together: Ready for School & Beyond
Image Date Title / Notes
August 2018 Back to School: Ms. Galarza says good-bye to her students as they leave the classroom, and she checks with Rudy to make sure he has everything he needs. Rudy is greeted by Freddy at the door, and he tells him all about his day at school. Rudy also shows Freddy a book he made entitled "All About Me." Freddy points to something Rudy left behind in his cubby, a flyer for next week's class trip to the aquarium, which Freddy mentions he signed up for (as a parent volunteer). Rudy is excited that he'll get to hang out with his dad, while Ms. G notes that the three of them make a great learning team.
August 2018 This Is How I Grow: Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and Cookie Monster sing about learning through the various activities they can do at school.
August 2018 Meet Maggie Cadabby: Abby accidentally spills some honeysuckle petunia juice and calls out for her mommy. Maggie arrives and has her calm down by taking a deep breath. She tells Abby that they don't need magic to clean up the mess, so they consider other possible solutions; eventually landing on wiping it up with a sponge. Maggie helps Abby realize that spilling something isn't a big deal, and when such a problem arises, they need to look for solutions, and turn that "oops" into an "Ah-ha!" moment.
August 2018 Let's Make Art: Elmo and Louie create their own art projects, and they identify the shapes they use to make pictures with.
August 2018 Observe With Me: Abby and Rudy show Maggie their wonder journals. Rudy decides to start logging in his journal then and there, so Maggie encourages him to use his senses to find out about the things around him. Rudy sees some sunflowers in the garden, and smells one of them, and touches it to feel how fuzzy it is. Rudy and Abby continue to use their senses as they explore the garden. They inspect a big, green plant, and a ladybug that rests under one of its leaves. They also find a bug under a rock. Abby recognizes the bug from one of her previous journal entries, calling it a "roly-poly bug."
August 2018 Let's Make Up a Story: Rosita and her abuela observe the night sky and make up a story about a rabbit named Luna, who lived on the moon. The live-action transitions to animated sequences which show Rosita befriending Luna, and helping her practice hopping so she can return to the moon.


Image Date Title / Notes
August 2018 Science: Abby and Rudy track their plant's progress in the garden. Freddy appears and asks if they're doing science. He says that doing science starts with a little curiosity, which leads Rudy and Abby to brainstorm how they can make their plant grow larger. Freddy recommends going to the library to find out more.
May 2021 Just Ask!: Daniel, Samuel, Abby, and Elmo sing a song about finding out about things.
May 2021 What Are Germs?: Daniel explains to Abby and Samuel what germs are and how we can protect ourselves from the bad ones.
May 2021 STEM and Levers: Ernie helps Abby get Miss Fairy Pumpkin to Hooper's Store by developing a lever.
May 2021 Reuse!: Ernie and Elmo find ways they can reuse ordinary objects.

Staying Healthy

See also: 1, 2, 3 Stay Away Mosquitoes
Image Date Title / Notes
August 2016 Cover Up from Mosquitos: Grover provides visual aid for Park Ranger Squirrel's explanation on what to wear to keep mosquitos away.
August 2016 Bug Repellent: The Count counts the important steps to remember in applying bug spray, with assistance from Grover, Rosita and Ernie.
c. April 2017 Staying Healthy: In his bathroom, Elmo demonstrates some of the important hygienic practices that grown-ups teach children to stay healthy and strong. Louie is heard calling for Elmo, which means that it's time to go to the doctor's for his check-up.

Traumatic Experiences

Image Date Title / Notes
October 2017
Characters: Big Bird, Rosita, Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster, Count von Count, Alan, Sofía
Segments: "Big Bird’s Comfy-Cozy Nest," "Give Yourself a Hug," "I Can Feel Safe," "I Can Let My Feelings Out," "I Can Do It," "I Can Calm Myself Down," "Slow Down and Settle Down," "Count, Breathe, Relax"
English and Spanish versions filmed. Alan and Sofía appear in the English language segments, while Sofía is the sole human character in the Spanish segments.

You Matter Most

Image Date Title / Notes
November 2016 You Matter Most: Elmo and Louie look up seeing shapes in the clouds. Elmo lets his daddy know that he's important to him. Elmo and Louie then talk directly to the adult viewers, saying they're important to their children, and the things they do, big or small, matter.

Sesame Street for Military Families


Image Date Title / Notes
August 2016 Bedtime Story: Elmo shares how much he loves to snuggle up with his parents and read a story before bedtime. His scenes bookend a live-action song segment "Let's Read a Book."
August 2016 Share a Meal: Rosita has the viewer guess what special time she and her abuela share. "Eat Together" from Food for Thought plays.
August 2016 Morning Good-Bye: Elmo remembers one morning before school when he and his daddy thought of some ways to make saying good-bye easier, leading to the opening scene from Little Children, Big Challenges.
August 2016 Waiting Around: Grover shares how squirmy he can get when he has to wait with his mommy in a long line at the supermarket. He segues into a music video song, "I Can Be Patient" from Little Children, Big Challenges.


Image Date Title / Notes
August 2016 Sing It Out: Elmo feels so happy that he can't keep it inside, so he sings it out. Singing works for Elmo when he has other big feelings, like when he's sad.
August 2016 Move It Out: Grover defines what frustrated means. He tries to list things to do when frustrated, but he can't immediately think of any, which makes him feel frustrated. He vents by jumping and stomping his feet, and then he runs in place until he's no longer frustrated. To show how good he feels, he decides to keep moving by dancing.
August 2016 Talk It Out: Rosita says that talking things out can help when you have big feelings, but Oscar (Caroll Spinney) isn't willing to share his feelings. Rosita assumes that Oscar just feels grouchy as always, but he corrects her, saying he actually feels annoyed right now. Oscar insists that annoyed is a different feeling from grouchy, as is irritated, and frustrated. He comments to himself that when he says his emotions aloud, he feels great, and he continues to list off more feelings.
August 2016 Laugh It Out (Using Humor): Grover calls for Elmo, expecting to play with him just after he puts away his clean laundry that his mommy folded. Elmo enters, colliding with Grover and knocking over his laundry. Grover's disappointment turns into fits of laughter when he sees one of his pants on Elmo's head. Grover thanks Elmo for making him laugh. Elmo keeps Grover in stitches by flapping his head around and shouting "wubba-wubba-wubba!"
August 2016 Hugging It Out (Showing That You Care): Rosita talks about how hugging can help when she has big feelings. She demonstrates with Elmo, who she senses is sad, but he was actually looking at a rock on the ground. Rosita is so happy that Elmo isn't sad, that she gives him another hug, which is too tight. To show she's sorry, Rosita gives Elmo a gentler hug. Elmo hugs her back for no particular reason other than he likes hugs.