Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 1992
Format CD
Label WSP
Cat no. CD16117

This soundtrack album for Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street, was released by Weton Wesgram in 1992.

Sesamstraat Hitparade features 14 "never before released tracks" from the TV show. The album was also released on cassette.

Track listing

  1. Wakker Worden (Wake Up) - Aart and Ieniemienie
  2. Als Ernie Niet Kan Slapen (Imagination) - Bert and Ernie
  3. Wat Je Allemaal Kunt Worden (We Coulda) - Various Muppets (Biff)
  4. In Het Donker (In The Dark) - Lot
  5. Wij Doen Alles Samen (It Soon Gets Done) - Various Muppets
  6. Arie Mijn Kanarie (Arie My Canary) - Lex
    Music by Bas Rompa, Lyrics by Basl
  7. Kusje (Kiss) - Pino
    Music by Harry Bannink
  8. Als Bert Niet Thuis Is (When Bert's Not Here) - Ernie
  9. Een Inktvis Heeft Het Moeilijk (Octopus Blues) - Various Muppets (Octopus)
  10. Vreemde Huizen (Strange Houses) - Frank, Tommie and Ieniemienie
  11. De Letter G (The Letter G) - Frank
  12. Luister Naar De Bel (Listen To The Bells) - Various Muppets
  13. Jongensland (Boyland) - Lot
  14. Panne Panne Pech (Total Loss) - Bert and Ernie



  • This album and Sesamstraat Liedjes Festival are the first two albums with songs from the TV show by both the Dutch cast and the American cast.
  • Although Aart Staartjes is credited for track one, he does not appear on the CD; he was probably featured in the clip.
  • Imagination was previously recorded for the original Sesamstraat LP; the dubbed TV version is of less quality, and the voices for Bert and Ernie are still very primitive.
  • Contrary to what the album cover says, "Panne Panne Pech" has been released before: it's taken from a previous Bert and Ernie album, Een Uur Niet Zeuren.

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