Active 2000 - 2016
Type NPS web site

Sesamstraat NPS was an official Sesamstraat website, featuring video clips, games, playlists, and more. Each year games and video clips were added to keep children active online. The site had several changes during the website's existence.

Through red pictogram round buttons, you can walk around the site. Options were to watch a video clip or listen to music, design the websites background for a day, play games with your favorite muppets, write in the guestbook or just email to Sesamstraat.

Video clips and songs on the website could be found by choosing between the left button on the jukebox you can listen to the songs, or when you want to watch the clips push the right button.

There are several games on the site where you can play a quiz by watching a clip and answer a question afterwards about it, or you can color with Purk, dress Ieniemienie, etc.

You could draw, upload a picture and paste the muppets/actors or thing in your design. When you upload the background it's possible that one is chosen to use the next day.

Also the guestbook was used daily. Children and teenagers wrote to the Muppets from Sesamstraat.

The earliest version of the site was in the form of a song archive, launched around 2000. Only then children could get coloring pages to print out and find some background information. Later on the website was updated so children could do little games, and besides printing the colouring pages they could paint them online.

On March 25, 2007 there was also a online chat page with Pino, called Praten met Pino. During a promotional film with Lot Lohr and Pino, kids were told that it was the only time to have a live, online video chat with Pino.

The website was closed in 2016.


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