Series 1 (2005)


Series 2 (2006): Health


Series 3 (2007): Going to School


Series 4 (2008): Sports

The Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn started selling microwave foods and yogurt desserts featuring Sesamstraat characters in 2005.

The microwave meals (such as spinach, rice, and pasta) were sold in cardboard boxes with cut-out Sesame Street domino cards on them. With each meal, a package of apple sauce was included, with Ernie on it.

The cups of yogurt came in strawberry, banana and red fruit flavor. Bert and Ernie are depicted on them.

With each microwave meal or yogurt cup, a tiny plastic collectable figure was included. A second and third series of figures were produced for the yogurt desserts. Each series consisted of the following figures:

Series 1: Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Pino, Tommie, Ieniemienie, Purk

Series 2: Bert in sports outfit, Ernie in sports outfit, Cookie Monster on base, Grover, Count von Count, Oscar the Grouch, Tommie sitting with backpack and apple, Pino (from first series)

Series 3: Elmo with school bag, Ernie with crayon, Bert with baseball cap, Cookie Monster with book and school bag full of cookies, Grover with book, Tommie with school bag, Pino with school bag and lunchbox, Ieniemienie sitting with book.

Series 4: Elmo with hockey stick, Pino with a baseball bat, Ieniemienie with a tutu, Ernie with a football, Tommie with a tennis racket, Oscar with a pitcher's costume, Bert with a Jeu de Boule ball and Cookie on ice skates.

Each figure came with a bio card featuring a short story about the character.

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