Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 1992
Format CD and MC
Label WSP
Cat no. CD16119

Reissue from 2003

This soundtrack album for the Sesamstraat movie Sesamstraat en Melkweg (Sesamstraat and the Milky Way) in Artis Zoo's Planetarium, was released by Weton-Wesgram and Artis in 1992. The show ran until 1996. There also came a reissue in 2003, when the show was digitally remastered and showed again.

The album contains the complete soundtrack (including the songs), as well as ten tracks about animals.

Track listing

  1. Sesamstraat en Melkweg (Sesamstraat and Milky Way) - Aart, Tommie, Pino and Ieniemienie have an adventure in outer space
  2. 'n Kuiken Is Geen Kip (A Chick Is Not a Chicken) - Frank Groothof
    Music by Harry Bannink, Lyrics by Hans Dorrestijn
  3. Op De Boerderij (On the Farm) - Bill Van Dijk
  4. Tijgerjacht (Tiger Hunt) - Ernie
    Translation by Ton Hasebos
  5. Een Inktvis Heeft Het Moeilijk (Octopus Blues) - An Octopus
  6. Visje (Fishie) - Tommie
    Music by Harry Bannink, Lyrics by Theo Olthuis
  7. Troeteldier (Transylvania Love Call) - The Count and The Countess
  8. Ik Ben Mijn Lieve Hondje Kwijt (Has Anybody Seen My Dog?) - Bert and Ernie
    Music by Joe Raposo, Lyrics by Ton Hasebos
  9. Wat Moet Je Doen Met Een Ezel? (What Can You Do with a Burro?) - Various
  10. Pino Is Een Vlinder (Pino Is A Butterfly) - Pino, Tommie and Ieniemienie
  11. De Ballade Van De Vlinder (The Ballad Of the Butterfly) - Pino, Tommie and Ieniemienie
    Music and Lyrics by Victor Alstef, Wim van den Hurk and Jorg Bryant


Production credits

(Sesamstraat En Melkweg only)

Chris Winsemius
Chris Winsemius Middle 3 songs only
Wim T. Schippers Intro- and outrosongs
Musical Direction by:
Cor Bolten assisted by Edward Gijsen Background music
Clous van Mechelen Intro- and outrosongs
Sound Techniscian:
Leo Oostenburg (Geluid Leiden) and Clous van Mechelen
Photographics by:
Theo Vervoord and Jan den hengst
Illustrations by:
Hilbert Bolland


  • Bert and Ernie, as performed by Paul Haenen and Wim T. Schippers, make a speaking appearance during the theme song.

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