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Wim entering Paradiso after visiting the mens-room. Tommie tells him to hurry up.. The show started already!

Sesamstraat in Paradiso is a 60-minute New Years Eve TV special of Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street. It aired on New Years Eve 2000.

Sesamstraat in Paradiso features well known Dutch singers and musicians performing classic Sesamstraat songs in the nightclub Paradiso in Amsterdam, for an audience of children and parents. This live concert was the first in a line of special activities in honor of Sesamstraat's 25th anniversary in 2001.

The following songs were performed:

The concert was hosted by Wim T. Schippers (who does Ernie's Dutch voice). The Dutch cast was featured in very brief scenes: Tommie tended the restroom, Ieniemienie sat at the makeup table and Pino let all the artists in at the stage door. Most of the Sesamstraat actors were sitting in the audience. They all joined in with Frank's party song at the end of the concert.

Sesamstraat in Paradiso can be considered one of the most PG-rated Sesamstraat productions: during the duet "Has Anybody Seen My Dog", rapper Rudeboy blurts out: "That's a f_ing cat, man!"

Wim T. Schippers and Paul Haenen sang "But I Like You" in Ernie and Bert's voices. Although they introduced themselves as people who "were good at impersonating Bert and Ernie", Wim T. Schippers later said he regret 'breaking the illusion' live on stage. [cite] When he was a celebrity guest in the 25th season, he did not do any voices, out of respect for Jim Henson. [cite]

Wim and Paul finally managed to improvise as Bert and Ernie with the actual puppets at a press conference in 2005, during the taping of Open Huis in Sesamstraat.

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